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October 4, 2014

Why You Should Consider Netsuite Financials

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financials1 Why You Should Consider Netsuite Financials

Since the birth of the Internet and its two decades of evolution, what was once an interesting, useful yet basic tool has developed into a virtual world the entire globe now takes for granted and relies on, from tapping into its infinite bytes of information to utilizing the vast and comprehensive programs and applications available.

Do You Require More From Your Business Internet?

Perhaps benefitting the most from this expeditious up-rise in technology is the fast-paced world of commerce, or what is now more commonly referred to as ecommerce. The business world has been completely revolutionised by the spawning of multitudes of web-based software as more and more demands and solutions are being recognised and addressed. The modern business will utilize software to save time whilst simultaneously maintaining reliability and efficiency – management programs, worldwide connectivity and social media significantly reduce both downtime and human error.

financials21 Why You Should Consider Netsuite Financials

NetSuite – Its Products And Solutions

One system developed through addressing business demands and integrating their solutions into one user-friendly piece of software is recognised worldwide as, NetSuite. Used within 16K+ International organisations, NetSuite provides web-based solutions to all aspects of running an organisation, from accounting to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Ecommerce.

No matter what industry or sector an organisation falls under, NetSuite has a product designed to deal with its day-to-day organisation and running.

Take an organisation’s finance department, for example, that problematic area mixing numbers with human error, known for its lack of communication and transparency regarding showcasing any financial statements. From both an employee’s and Director’s point-of-view, imagine having peace of mind knowing a system is in place already designed and programmed to deal with this specific area of business.

financials31 Why You Should Consider Netsuite Financials

Netsuite Financials

NetSuite’s solution covering every aspect of the financial process has been neatly presented in their NetSuite Financials software package.

Installing and utilising NetSuite Financials speeds up financial close whilst dealing with expense management. An organisation’s performance is logged and is viewable in real-time thanks to its streamed auditable revenue management. Using the power of the web and constant streaming has the added benefit of providing a seamless source of finance, sales and customer data multiple users can tap into via their dashboards.


The main benefit using a specialist piece of software is being able to streamline on various back-office processes across all aspects of its chosen field, which in this case is finance. It will allow the cutback on revenue management and order, billing and inventory management.

Taking advantage of its powerful auditing, reporting and accounting tools reduces downtime, human error, and any potential IT costs often associated with using multiple programs rather than a single integrated system.

Because NetSuite Financials is a web-based system, the software receives automatic upgrades via an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution and stored using cloud storage. As long as you maintain an Internet connection on your device(s), all your financial data can be securely accessed anywhere and on the move, thus saving a lot of time.

As you can see, a single and fully integrated system like NetSuite is capable of running an organisation’s entire finance department. It can be operated, monitored and managed from NetSuite’s various user-friendly dashboards, each one allocated to a different aspect of the department, such as Reporting and Analytics.

If you are considering upgrading your organisation’s technology or even migrating its data over to another system, the ultimate goal should include words like, ‘simplicity’, ‘efficiency’ and ‘reliability’. NetSuite Financials includes those words and a whole lot more.
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A Business Phone Should Be More Than Just A Phone

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phone1 A Business Phone Should Be More Than Just A Phone

If you briefly consider just how far telecommunication has evolved over the past two decades, and just what the average Smartphone is now capable of, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that business communication has also significantly improved.

Well you would think so, wouldn’t you? Obviously, it has and the technology is there, but it still amazes me just how many organisations still rely on basic email and even simpler telecommunications systems in their daily running.

I’m not going to mention any names, but it wasn’t long ago I worked for a leading UK-based logistics firm, a well-reputed company that placed its reputation on the line using dated computers and basic systems. For an organisation that relies heavily on communication, from customer to admin, admin to warehouse, warehouse to delivery operators and any potential customer support, I was astounded at the daily problems using dated technology.

It’s 2014 and employees still seem content having to endure these problematic systems within the work place, often not giving a second thought to the fact they switch to a far superior system when they finish for the day – Smartphones fit into the palm of their hands, yet these devices are literally capable of running and organising their entire lives more effectively and efficiently.

So why should it be any different within an environment that’s existence relies on reliability, effectiveness and simplicity?

If an organisation just researched the fundamentals of Business Phone Replacement and took advantage of the innovative technology that manages to incorporate every aspect of business networking and connectivity into one system, it would surely raise the question: “Why have we been ‘making do’?”

phone2 A Business Phone Should Be More Than Just A Phone

Today, more and more organisations are making the transition from the traditional telecommunication systems to the IP-based (Internet Provider) services, realising its overall effect reduces costs whilst simultaneously simplifying IT operations and the ability to connect more effectively.

IP-based solutions provide voice, data and Internet services, helping cost management and collaboration, whilst improving productivity and ultimately increases profit. Depending on the system that best fits your organisation’s requirements, its IP services will run on a secure network, built and maintained utilising the latest IP and fibre technologies.

phone3 A Business Phone Should Be More Than Just A Phone

IP-based IT and Network services cover many aspects of communication the traditional systems couldn’t, from effective office connectivity and network convergence, to security, managed services, data centres, and cloud computing.

Depending on the levels of complexity your organisation requires when it comes to networking and integrating its processes and systems, a specialised communications provider will possess a deep knowledge of what is needed to take care of day-to-day needs and oversee any potential long-term requirements. They will offer flexible solutions to ensure communications technology is fully utilised, allowing reliable and secure connectivity, a cost-effective method in increasing both productivity and profit.

With technology constantly improving and the tech-savvy businesses utilizing it to its full effect, the majority of IT departments are overburdened with the increasingly complex and unrealistic requests due to competition. Armed with only a limited knowledge of the latest technology and limited resources, an organisation’s only chance in staying ahead without breaking the bank is to place all of their communication and connectivity needs into one IP-based basket.
Avoid denting your organisation’s budget and reputation; don’t place any unnecessary pressure on human resources, ultimately leading to communication break down and missed deadlines.

There is a simple solution to maintaining all of the above without compromising online security, preventing the constantly evolving spammers and clever cyber criminals from taking advantage of an inferior system.

The answer?

IP-based service providers – whatever level of support you or your organisation requires, kick back and relax, safe in the knowledge any future management decisions regarding IT strategy and communication is being dealt with efficiently and cost-effectively, allowing the organisation to focus on what it does best.

Is SharePoint Migration As Complex As It Sounds?

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migration1 Is SharePoint Migration As Complex As It Sounds?

The prospect of migrating a business’ web content to an entirely new Enterprise Content Management system (ESM) can seem daunting, especially so if the content volume is large and the understanding of the procedure small.

If you go the ECM system vendor route to find a solution to your SharePoint migration, you’ll most likely hear what you already assume: the procedure is complicated or too difficult and requires a professional hand – vendors have to plug what they have to offer, right?

Depending on how you look at, SharePoint migration really is as simple as moving it from point A to point B; there shouldn’t be any intervening procedures if finding the right software.

migration2 Is SharePoint Migration As Complex As It Sounds?

Dispelling the myth of any potential complications, top migration software allows the simple ‘drag and drop’ technique, meaning the migration of your lists, documents, libraries, folders and any other content can be easily moved.

Without any server installation and utilizing a pre-migration check – a system put in place to ensure the migration and transition of your data runs smoothly and without any nasty surprises – you really can sit back and relax, letting the software do all the work.

The pre-migration check will also provide an overview of how to avoid errors and a step-by-step guide in fixing any.

For fast metadata enrichment, you can run your content migration through an Excel file. Whilst the migration is taking place, its process and progress can be monitored through an exhaustive migration report with powerful reporting capabilities.

migration31 Is SharePoint Migration As Complex As It Sounds?

Before migration, the software allows you to remap any SharePoint columns and content types. The preservation of document and list items version history is another useful feature, along with the knowledge any created and modified system properties are dealt with too. Migration security allows for the migration of SharePoint users, groups and permission levels.

migration41 Is SharePoint Migration As Complex As It Sounds?

Once migration is successful, its support team will further enhance your SharePoint experience. With support and updates focussed on the voices of its users, full support is given and answers dealt with in 24-hrs, important if running a business. Useful updates are also provided, pertinent to request and needs of the users.

SharePoint migration may initially sound like a headache of esoteric jargon – just take a few steps back and look at it from a distance and see it for what it really is: moving content from one place to another. Utilizing software created for the migration process will not only provide you with a cheaper solution, but its many simple features will fill you in on the process and make you aware of just what it involves and how it is done.

June 24, 2013

The Pros and Cons of Using an Applicant Tracking System

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If you ever wondered how companies choose job applicants when there are hundreds to look at, you can bet it’s not because they are sifting through each individual resume they receive. There’s no way a company like AT&T, Google, or Gannett can look through each and every single application they receive; it’s not humanly possible, nor is it financially responsible. For these reasons, software that tracks applications was developed. This software has drastically changed the way companies hire and how people get job interviews, but it isn’t always positive for the company or applicants.

What It Does

These tracking systems allow for the electronic handling of recruitment needs and help to choose qualified applicants. The systems can be used with small or large businesses, but almost all corporations use some form of tracking system to manage the resumes of people who have applied for an open position with the company. The ATS is supposed to assist in the management of resumes and applicant information, either by storing, rejecting or accepting the resume before a human hiring agent even sees it.

applicant tracking software The Pros and Cons of Using an Applicant Tracking System

How It Helps

The application tracking system can either pull from the company’s own site or database, or can search the Internet for resumes that match keywords for the open positions. This means if you have your resume on a website like CareerBuilder or Monster, the company can find you. This expands your job searching range without you having to do anything additional. Additionally, if you apply for a job but are better suited for another the company has, the ATS will send your resume to someone with that job posting, so your resume is not automatically rejected and you may find a job you didn’t even expect to find.

How It Hurts

These systems aren’t just used to help companies and applicants. They can hurt you. Assume you have your resume on a site like Monster and you are applying for jobs but not getting anywhere. If you’ve ever wondered why, look at your resume. The ATS is designed to search out keywords, and if your resume doesn’t have those keywords, then it will get ignored or kicked to the side. The ATS helps narrow down the number of resumes a hiring agent has to physically read, so if you aren’t chosen by the ATS, your resume will never make it to a person. This type of system can severely hurt you as an applicant. It can also hurt companies because they may be missing out on great applicants who just don’t have the right type of resume.

Tracking systems save time and money for both companies that are hiring, but they can also hurt if the system doesn’t pick up on resumes correctly. The ATS narrows down the application pool, but it may also miss great potential employees. It can also help companies find applicants that have not directly applied for the company, while simultaneously finding applicants that may not know about the company some open job positions. It has its pros and cons, but one thing is certain: These systems are only gaining in popularity.

February 20, 2013

Best Recruiting Software Options

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When looking into recruiting software, it can be difficult to choose what is right for your company. You have to consider your business and where your prospective employees are hanging out the most. You want to consider the best way for your human resources department to interact with the managers of your company. And finally, you want to consider how specialized your needs are when it comes to the people you are hiring. With all of that in mind you can focus on the relevant parts of the software to get the best match.

ICIMS, Social Extreme

ICIMS has one of the best social interfaces out there. Not only does it allow you to post to many outlets simultaneously, it will also comb through data on the social sites to find people right for your openings. This type of crawler is much more effective than just waiting for people to submit to your website. You finding them instead of them finding you is often a great way to start the relationship.recruit software Best Recruiting Software Options

Newton Software, Multi-Platform

Newton Software is an example of multi-platform software allowing you to use it on a tablet, smartphone or computer. This is great for those who are constantly on the go. It makes sharing resumes quite simple and your managers are never out of the loop even when they are out of the office.

Exact Hire, Skill Specific

Many of the best recruiting software options don’t really cover the specifics of skills that certain positions require. When just a particular education is not enough, Exact Hire is a way to really weed down the resume content. It targets very specific points in the resume and skills section. This keeps some candidates from getting through but ultimately saves the hiring manager significant amounts of time. There is no longer a need to go through each resume by hand.

Specific Websites

You can also look into the software offered online only. While you don’t put this on your computer, it is still a way of filing potential hires and cross-referencing all the information available on each person. While these platforms often don’t give the same comprehensive dashboard as some of the others, the programs are still effective. This is often the choice of the smaller company not quite willing to commit to a single software platform just yet.

Recruiting is a big part of the success of a company. Without the right employees you cannot hope to grow your business and become more efficient. Finding people who want to be a part of your business is important as well as finding people who really have the skill set you need to be successful. There is no reason even the smallest company can’t recruit around the world. The Internet has made it possible to globalize the tiniest of businesses. This shows in the way recruiting platforms are working and in the hiring processes across the board. You can become a part of the conversation.

June 7, 2011

What you should NOT wear at a Job Interview

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You can’t judge a book by its cover, but potential employers are notorious for judging job applicants by their outfits. Unfair? Maybe – but if you really want the job, you’ll make a token bow to conservatism and avoid raising eyebrows. Here are the top outfits that employers say turn them off from scheduling a second interview.

Sexy. Too short and too low-cut are both no-no’s (whether you’re a man or a woman). “I feel uncomfortable when panties, chest hair or cleavage are in clear sight,” says Angelo, owner of a small consulting business near Los Angeles. With only 8 people in our office, an employee who wears revealing clothing is just going to cause tension. So, no call-back, sorry!”.

Job Interview1 What you should NOT wear at a Job Interview

Dirty. You don’t need to rush out and buy a new interview outfit every time your resume makes it to the top of the pile, but don’t go to the other extreme either. Pratibha, head of the oncology department at a private care center in Delhi, recalls one hopeful who appeared in dusty shoes and a wrinkled jacket. “It was very clear that he was not serious – even in the interview his attitude was quite casual, so along with the dirtiness I didn’t have a good feeling about him.”

Flashy. Black may be a little too safe for some job interviews, but it’s rare that hot pink pushes the right buttons. “I also find it distracting when someone shows up in a really weird outfit, like once we had a girl who wore tailored overalls with an orange bolero jacket,” Brooklyn-based software engineer Renata says.“It’s not exactly a deal-breaker, but it kind of makes you wonder.”

Dangerous. High heels are no longer a must for women in business attire, so don’t feel compelled towear them. But if you do wear heels to an interview, avoid sporting a brand-new pair or going higher than you’re comfortable with. Gareth, Surrey bookshop owner, remembers one interviewee nearly falling down the stairs. “She caught the handrail just in time,” he chuckles. “6-inch heels aren’t the best choice for a bookshop with lots of stepladders and winding stairs.

Smelly. Underarm odor and bad breath are obvious turn-offs, but you may not be aware that your perfume of choice can be just as offensive. “Whether it’s cologne, body spray, hair product, I don’t wantto know about it,”says Alex owner of a popular fast food franchise in Anchorage. Even if you can’t smell yourself, others will be able to, so don’t let a nervous shake of the spray can hinder your chances at that dream job.

As long asyou avoid any of the above outfits, you should make a good first impression in your next job interview. And once you’ve landed the job, you can wear whatever you want when you head out to celebrate with your friends.

Want to Quit your Job – Watch out for these 3 Excuses

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Do you wake up every morning hoping to get hit by a car on your way to work? If so, it might be time to quit. If everyone who despised their jobs quit tomorrow, thousands of offices around the nation would be eerily empty. Fortunately for human resources departments, most employees will continue leading lives of quiet desperation, clocking in and clocking out day after day.

Why? Because as soon as they think about quitting, excuse mode kicks into high gear. And some excuses sound pretty convincing. But if you play devil’s advocate and talk back to those excuses, they start to look a bit shaky.Give it a go. What do you have to lose? Here are the three most common excusesfor not quitting a job you hate, along with their counterarguments.

Quit your Job Want to Quit your Job   Watch out for these 3 Excuses

Excuse 1: Fear of Not Finding Another Job

Can you absolutely know that you won’t be able to find another job? Perhaps being unemployed is the kick in the pants your subconscious needs. Sure, conventional wisdom says that the best time to look for a job is when you already have one.But on the other hand, if you’re too drained at the end of the day to fill out applications or update your resume, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever make progress.

Another argument: perhaps you don’t need to find another job. You may be able to earn more as a freelancer, consultant, or independent contractor. Better yet, how about starting your own business? Instead of assuming that working for someone else is the only option, open up to all the possibilities.

Excuse 2: Waiting to be Fired

There are so many things wrong with this attitude that it’s hard to know where to begin. First of all, someone who’s hoping to be laid off so they can collect severance pay exudes an extremely off-putting odor. It’s similar to the nasty smell emanating from the guy who’s waiting around for his girlfriend to dump him because he doesn’t have the guts to end the relationship. That passive, cowardly attitude will start to permeate everything you do.

And when you eventually do get tired, you’re not going to be able to change your lame attitude overnight. You’ll end up sitting on the couch all day, eating frozen popsicles and hoping a potential employer will call. By contrast, the person who confidently walks away from a toxic job and hits the street with a big smile, looking for his or her dream job, sends out positive vibes of awesomeness. Who do you want to be?

Excuse 3: No Savings to Fall Back On

Okay, this is actually an acceptable temporary excuse if you add one simple little word – “No savings to fall back on…yet!”That “yet” empowersyouto make a plan and set an achievable goal. How much money do you want to have in savings before you’d feel comfortable quitting your job? Figure out how long it will take you to get there if you cut out every unnecessary expense. And don’t say you’ve already cut down as much as possible. That’s rarely true.

Would it kill you to go without home internet, mobile phone plan extras, or cable TVfor three months? How about cutting out all coffee, haircuts, and DVD rentals? And if you want to go extreme, turn off your electricity, heat, and gas and see how much money you save.Your friends may think you’re crazy, but a minimalist lifestyle might be the ticket to freedom.

When you take full responsibility for your own life, unpredictable and amazing things start to happen. But as long as you let tired excuses control your life path, you’ll never know what could have been. One thing is for sure: nobody ever looks back and says, “Gee, I wish I hadn’t quit that job I hated five years ago.”

Useful Tips for Finding your First Job

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So you’ve graduated with straightAs and you’re ready to rock the working world. There’s only one problem – employers don’t seem to be beating a path to your front door. The following tips will help you maximize your job search efforts and find that ideal first job.

Be gregarious. Make everyone you talk to aware of your job search, from your hairdresser to casual acquaintances. You never know who might have the perfect job lead.

Findi First Job Useful Tips for Finding your First Job

Don’t spend too much time on your resume. If you’ve spent more than a day re-formatting and tweaking, that’s too much. Employers don’t spend a lot of time analyzing entry-level resumes.

Use social networking. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter aren’t just for fun. Post frequent updates about your job search and make connections with people working in your field.

Don’t lean too much on online job sites like Monster.com. So many people are lookingforworkthat online jobbanks are no longer your best bet. Take no more than half a day to post your resume and sign up for automated job searches.

Pound the pavement. Many entry-level jobs aren’t advertised online or in the newspapers.Don’t be afraid to walk into a company and ask if they’re hiring. They’ll love your initiative.

If you follow these tips, you’ll spend less time waiting for the phone to ring and more time preparing for interviews. Good luck finding your first job!

Increase your Chances at Getting that Job – Write a thank you Letter after an Interview

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Writing a thank you letter after a job interview is a small task that has the ability to deliver a major impact. Due to the technological age, writing a thank you letter has become easier than ever. For the majority of jobs, a thank you letter in email form is now acceptable and appropriate. Here are four things to remember when sending your thank you letter:

Always send a thank you letter within 24 hours of your job interview

Sending a thank you letter quickly lets the employer know you are a professional and that you take your job hunt seriously. In addition, it ensures thatthe interview is still fresh in your mind as well as the interviewer’s mind. Address your follow up thank you letter specifically to the individual who interviewed you. If you were interviewed by more than one person, send a thank you letter to each interviewer.

Getting Job Increase your Chances at Getting that Job   Write a thank you Letter after an Interview

The main body of your email thank you letter will consists of three short paragraphs. In the opening you should thank the person who interviewed youforhisorhertime. Mention the job position for which you applied as well as the date you interviewed. The second paragraph should reiterate your interest in the available position and the organization.

Emphasize your strengths and skills in relation to the open position. Express your confidence in being the perfect match for the job. And finally, at the end of the letteryou should let the interviewer know that you are looking forward to hearing from him or her. Be sure and leave a contact telephone number.

Proofread your letter. An email with typos or grammar errors will imply you are careless. This isnot an impression you want to give a potential employer. Before hitting the send button, consider having a friend orfamily member review your thank you letter.A second pair of eyes might catch an error you have missed.

Sending a thank you letter not only shows that you are courteous but also that you are a thorough professional. Both of these are attributes any employer is seeking. In addition, many job candidates do not take the time to complete this task, which puts you at an advantage. Sending a well written thank you letter gives you a chance to stand out above other job candidates – and standing out is exactly what you need to do when you want to compete with dozens or even hundreds of other applicants!

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