Starting Your Own Business: Hiring Employees

If you managed to get your business off the ground successfully after following the other parts of this guide, then you should be doing pretty well for yourself. Today we're going to look at hiring employees for your business hiring so you don't have to be there from opening to closing every single day.

Starting Your Own Business: Hiring Employees Starting Your Own Business: Hiring Employees

Starting a Career in Blogging

Blogging is the process of taking your expertise and sharing it with the world. The idea behind it is really simple but could be extremely powerful. Blogging is still in its youth as being an actual full time stay at home career.

Starting a Career in Blogging Starting a Career in Blogging

How to Start a Bookstore

As part of what we hope to make an ongoing series here at Everyday Career, we're going to start covering what it takes to start your own business. Many people don't work for “the man” anymore and are looking for alternatives to their old 9-5 lifestyle.

How to Start a Bookstore How to Start a Bookstore

The Difference Between Me Time and Company Time

In an ongoing segment here at Everyday Career, we're looking at ways you can increase productivity in whatever field of work you're in. As we've covered in a few previous topics regarding productivity, a lot of the time the most productive thing you can is to stop being productive altogether.

The Difference Between Me Time and Company Time The Difference Between Me Time and Company Time

How To Use LinkedIn To Get A Job

Finding a job can be difficult depending on what your skills are but in today’s internet world it can be easier than you think. Have you ever thought of using a social media website to promote yourself into a new career? You can do just that by using LinkedIn.

How To Use LinkedIn To Get A Job How To Use LinkedIn To Get A Job

If you ever wondered how companies choose job applicants when there are hundreds to look at, you can bet it’s not because they are sifting through each individual resume they receive. There’s no way a company like AT&T, Google, or Gannett can look through each and every single application they receive; it’s not humanly possible, nor is it financially responsible. For these reasons, software that tracks applications was developed. This software has drastically changed the way companies hire and how people get job interviews, but it isn’t always positive for the company or applicants.

What It Does

These tracking systems allow for the electronic handling of recruitment needs and help to choose qualified applicants. The systems can be used with small or large businesses, but almost all corporations use some form of tracking system to manage the resumes of people who have applied for an open position with the company. The ATS is supposed to assist in the management of resumes and applicant information, either by storing, rejecting or accepting the resume before a human hiring agent even sees it.

applicant tracking software The Pros and Cons of Using an Applicant Tracking System

How It Helps

The application tracking system can either pull from the company’s own site or database, or can search the Internet for resumes that match keywords for the open positions. This means if you have your resume on a website like CareerBuilder or Monster, the company can find you. This expands your job searching range without you having to do anything additional. Additionally, if you apply for a job but are better suited for another the company has, the ATS will send your resume to someone with that job posting, so your resume is not automatically rejected and you may find a job you didn’t even expect to find.

How It Hurts

These systems aren’t just used to help companies and applicants. They can hurt you. Assume you have your resume on a site like Monster and you are applying for jobs but not getting anywhere. If you’ve ever wondered why, look at your resume. The ATS is designed to search out keywords, and if your resume doesn’t have those keywords, then it will get ignored or kicked to the side. The ATS helps narrow down the number of resumes a hiring agent has to physically read, so if you aren’t chosen by the ATS, your resume will never make it to a person. This type of system can severely hurt you as an applicant. It can also hurt companies because they may be missing out on great applicants who just don’t have the right type of resume.

Tracking systems save time and money for both companies that are hiring, but they can also hurt if the system doesn’t pick up on resumes correctly. The ATS narrows down the application pool, but it may also miss great potential employees. It can also help companies find applicants that have not directly applied for the company, while simultaneously finding applicants that may not know about the company some open job positions. It has its pros and cons, but one thing is certain: These systems are only gaining in popularity.


Best Recruiting Software Options

by Shenron on February 20, 2013

When looking into recruiting software, it can be difficult to choose what is right for your company. You have to consider your business and where your prospective employees are hanging out the most. You want to consider the best way for your human resources department to interact with the managers of your company. And finally, you want to consider how specialized your needs are when it comes to the people you are hiring. With all of that in mind you can focus on the relevant parts of the software to get the best match.

ICIMS, Social Extreme

ICIMS has one of the best social interfaces out there. Not only does it allow you to post to many outlets simultaneously, it will also comb through data on the social sites to find people right for your openings. This type of crawler is much more effective than just waiting for people to submit to your website. You finding them instead of them finding you is often a great way to start the relationship.recruit software Best Recruiting Software Options

Newton Software, Multi-Platform

Newton Software is an example of multi-platform software allowing you to use it on a tablet, smartphone or computer. This is great for those who are constantly on the go. It makes sharing resumes quite simple and your managers are never out of the loop even when they are out of the office.

Exact Hire, Skill Specific

Many of the best recruiting software options don’t really cover the specifics of skills that certain positions require. When just a particular education is not enough, Exact Hire is a way to really weed down the resume content. It targets very specific points in the resume and skills section. This keeps some candidates from getting through but ultimately saves the hiring manager significant amounts of time. There is no longer a need to go through each resume by hand.

Specific Websites

You can also look into the software offered online only. While you don’t put this on your computer, it is still a way of filing potential hires and cross-referencing all the information available on each person. While these platforms often don’t give the same comprehensive dashboard as some of the others, the programs are still effective. This is often the choice of the smaller company not quite willing to commit to a single software platform just yet.

Recruiting is a big part of the success of a company. Without the right employees you cannot hope to grow your business and become more efficient. Finding people who want to be a part of your business is important as well as finding people who really have the skill set you need to be successful. There is no reason even the smallest company can’t recruit around the world. The Internet has made it possible to globalize the tiniest of businesses. This shows in the way recruiting platforms are working and in the hiring processes across the board. You can become a part of the conversation.


What you should NOT wear at a Job Interview

by Everyday on June 7, 2011

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but potential employers are notorious for judging job applicants by their outfits. Unfair? Maybe – but if you really want the job, you’ll make a token bow to conservatism and avoid raising eyebrows. Here are the top outfits that employers say turn them off from scheduling a second interview.

Sexy. Too short and too low-cut are both no-no’s (whether you’re a man or a woman). “I feel uncomfortable when panties, chest hair or cleavage are in clear sight,” says Angelo, owner of a small consulting business near Los Angeles. With only 8 people in our office, an employee who wears revealing clothing is just going to cause tension. So, no call-back, sorry!”.

Job Interview1 What you should NOT wear at a Job Interview

Dirty. You don’t need to rush out and buy a new interview outfit every time your resume makes it to the top of the pile, but don’t go to the other extreme either. Pratibha, head of the oncology department at a private care center in Delhi, recalls one hopeful who appeared in dusty shoes and a wrinkled jacket. “It was very clear that he was not serious – even in the interview his attitude was quite casual, so along with the dirtiness I didn’t have a good feeling about him.”

Flashy. Black may be a little too safe for some job interviews, but it’s rare that hot pink pushes the right buttons. “I also find it distracting when someone shows up in a really weird outfit, like once we had a girl who wore tailored overalls with an orange bolero jacket,” Brooklyn-based software engineer Renata says.“It’s not exactly a deal-breaker, but it kind of makes you wonder.”

Dangerous. High heels are no longer a must for women in business attire, so don’t feel compelled towear them. But if you do wear heels to an interview, avoid sporting a brand-new pair or going higher than you’re comfortable with. Gareth, Surrey bookshop owner, remembers one interviewee nearly falling down the stairs. “She caught the handrail just in time,” he chuckles. “6-inch heels aren’t the best choice for a bookshop with lots of stepladders and winding stairs.

Smelly. Underarm odor and bad breath are obvious turn-offs, but you may not be aware that your perfume of choice can be just as offensive. “Whether it’s cologne, body spray, hair product, I don’t wantto know about it,”says Alex owner of a popular fast food franchise in Anchorage. Even if you can’t smell yourself, others will be able to, so don’t let a nervous shake of the spray can hinder your chances at that dream job.

As long asyou avoid any of the above outfits, you should make a good first impression in your next job interview. And once you’ve landed the job, you can wear whatever you want when you head out to celebrate with your friends.


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