4 Useful Tips for Personal Trainers

by Shenron on August 8, 2009

Enjoying working out is one thing, but to take your commitment to a whole new level by signing up for a job as a personal trainer is a huge step. Not only do you have to enjoy working out in your spare time,  but you have to be prepared to do it all day every day to make ends meet. If you’ve already made that step and enjoy your work as a personal trainer, there are a few things to keep in the back of your mind to make your job more enjoyable, stable, and fulfilling.

  • Keep your client base small: If you’re just starting out, keep your client base small. The amount of money to be made as a personal trainer is appealing to almost everybody, trainer or not, and that usually leads people to the career to begin with, but, if money is all you care about, you could be in for a rude awakening. Depending on your employer, you may be required to take on a minimum number of clients. Talk to your employer before you do so and let them know that at least for the first few months you’re only going to be training the bare minimum until you get your feet. They should be agreeable. Jumping head first into a huge pool of clients could be disastrous for you and the people you’re training.

    Personal Trainers 4 Useful Tips for Personal Trainers

  • Avoid talking behind people’s back: What could be the best or worst part of the job is talking with other trainers that work at the gym. It’s tempting to chit chat about funny mannerisms your clients have but the best thing you could do is avoid that urge. If you get caught talking about your clients in a negative fashion you could not only lose them, but you could also lose your job.
  • Be prepared to sacrifice: One of the best parts of the job is often free membership for the employees. But, while you may get to work out as much as you want for free on your down time, you’re not really free to do what you want. As your client base expands you may start seeing clients at the gym while you’re on your break. People are curious about their health and although you may know it’s your down time, they don’t. Be prepared to answer their questions and give them tips even though they won’t be paying you. You obviously can’t turn them away. So think of it this way: If you’re at the gym, working or not, you’re on the job.

Personal Trainers1 4 Useful Tips for Personal Trainers

  • Be encouraging: People look for your support both physically and mentally. The worst thing you can do is deter them from trying harder. I’ve had bad personal trainers in the past that stay distant and don’t help as much as I’d like. Beef up your people skills and you’ll see your client base soar without much effort at all. People want help and if you’re there to give it to them in a positive way, they’ll keep coming back.

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