How To Become a Delegate?

by Shenron on July 12, 2009

When one wants to be a delegate, it is important for them to conduct some research. Find out what becoming a delegate entails as well as the challenges and benefits that come with it. This is done to confirm that one does not get into it and later realize that it is not right for them.

It is important to carefully select a party or organization that one wants to represent. In addition, make sure to know their best qualities, their down side also. One should not venture into an institution with out knowing what exactly their getting themselves into. One should familiarize themselves with the organization or political party they want to serve.

Delegate How To Become a Delegate?

The next step is to decide what type of delegate in which one is interested. There areĀ 4 types of delegates

  • District level delegate- those who run for elections on respective district
  • Elected officials-include house members senators and governors
  • Add-ons- selected by committees
  • At large-pledge support to a specific candidate but often selected by district delegates.

After research and choice of party, one should contact party of choice and find out how they can apply to be a delegate. Once the materials are sent, read and follow the instructions as directed on the application forms. All this should be done before any deadlines set.

delegate How To Become a Delegate?

Being a delegate requires that one be updated in terms of current happenings of the party and the world at large. The next step is to appear on the ballot, all candidates of the district level must have a written authorization of the candidate they prefer. Party candidates file a list of the approved candidates.

The final step is to file a statement of candidacy. People vying for the position of at large candidate or at large alternate candidate must file a statement of candidacy showing the presidential candidate of choice and party of choice, from there on, the party will forward the statement to the presidential candidate.

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