How to become a Dog Groomer

by Shenron on January 21, 2010

Besides knowing how to groom dogs for purposes of establishing a career from it, becoming a dog groomer requires one to be passionate about dogs and their general welfare. The dog grooming profession involves brushing the dog’s coat, bathing them, trimming the nails and brushing the dog’s teeth.

• Find a professional school that offers courses on the different dog breeds; understand their different coats and their grooming needs. The schools require things like enrollment fee, study books and learning materials. After completion of the course, one is issued a certificate. Joining a groomers association gives one the chance to sit their exam and therefore obtain a master certificate in dog grooming.

Dog Groomer How to become a Dog Groomer

• Apply for a groomer’s internship or as a grooming assistant. Often times an internship is the best way to get work experience. During the internship period, one learns how to handle and perfect their skills in the different jobs involved in their line of career.

Get a job as a dog groomer. This is done by creating a resume, which should indicate one’s academic qualifications and their experience. The resume should also highlight the certifications and licenses that one has. The next step involves finding out the groomers who may be hiring in one’s area of preference by searching on the internet or on the employment sections of local newspapers. The next step involves submitting the resume to identified potential employer and following up the same with a visit or a phone call.

Dog Groomer 5 How to become a Dog Groomer

• One can also opt to establish a private dog grooming business or work as a consultant dog groomer. The income that dog groomers earn depends on the locality where they set their grooming practices, the demand for the grooming services, competition from other dog groomers and one’s level of experience and the ability to do a satisfactory job as gauged by the dog owners.

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