How to Become a Dog Trainer

by Shenron on January 11, 2010

Becoming a dog trainer is a fairly simple process. All it takes is keen interest, willingness to learn and of course a love for dogs as well as people. Why people? One may wonder. Well, because other than training dogs, a dog trainer also trains people in the art of dog training. If you desire to be a dog trainer, then there are several guidelines that you may follow in your path towards your dream career.

• Enroll in a Dog Trainer school. For you to learn the art of dog training professionally, it is important to actually receive some education. There are many important concepts that you will learn in a dog training school such as dog psychology, pavlovian conditioning and understanding the behavior of dogs.

Dog Trainer How to Become a Dog Trainer

• Acquire dog training knowledge. Read widely, watch DVDs and even attend seminars on dog training to add on to your wealth of knowledge. It is also important to acquire some hands-on experience before you begin to offer your dog training services. To get such experience, you can volunteer to work at a rescue center or shelter for dogs. This way, you will understand the different temperaments of dogs and learn the various breeds.

• Obtain a dog trainer certification. This should be recognized nationally. This is acquired after completing your education and gaining a wide range of experience.

Dog Trainer 5 How to Become a Dog Trainer

• Consider the type of classes that you wish to give. These may be either part time or full time and will largely depend on the demand for dog trainers within your area.

Becoming a dog trainer requires loads of patience as well as empathy. If you combine these personal traits with a love for dogs, a good education and experience, you have are well on your way to becoming a number one dog trainer.

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