How To Become a Dog Trainer

by Shenron on October 14, 2009

Some people just love animals and in a huge attempt by humans to domesticate those animals, a new job arose. Dog trainers are especially useful in training dogs to adapt in a new environme

nt such as your home. It may be thought of as cruel

to train dogs to be more polite and “human” by taking away th

Dog Trainer 51 How To Become a Dog Trainer

eir primal instincts and preventing them from running around and doing thei

r business anywhere, but d

ogs are an integral part of al

most every home these days and if we want to keep them safe and under control, we have to train them. Today we’re going to take a look at how to take your love of animals to the next level to become a dog trainer.

1. Enhance your social skills: A lot of the tim

e, training dogs requires just as much effort as it does training people. Dogs are just as responsive to stimuli as humans are and are just as capable of responding in a negative way if you treat them wrong. But a good rule of thumb is that if you’re good with people, you’ll be good with animals. The most important thing to remember when either dealing with your client or their dog is to constantly administer positive reinforcement. Lay down the law when things get out of hand so the dog knows who’s in charge but whenever you can show the dog or client that they’re on the right track, do it.

2. Knowledge is power: As with all jobs or careers, there’s almost always some type of schooling involved. There is no formal “dog-training degree” but that’s not to say you don’t need training. Attend as many seminars and read as many books as you can about dog training to prepare yourself. Going out and taking people’s money without any prior experience or knowledge in the field is foolish. You can also try joining one of many national dog training organizations such as the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. These organizations will keep you in the loop about when and where seminars are as well as link you to crucial information regarding the field.

Dog Trainer1 How To Become a Dog Trainer

3. Practice Local: Before you make a bona fide (pun definitely intended) dog training business, see if your neighbors and friends will let you practice your skills on their pets. If you can master a wide variety of basic skills on your friends’ pets, you should be good to go in the real world.

*It is important to note that not only should you know about dog training itself, you should also know as much as possible about dogs in general. Things like proper nutrition, health, and the many different breeds of dogs will help make you more reputable and trustworthy. This is opposed to knowing very little which will make you come off as a fake and someone just after a quick buck.

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