How to Become a Health Inspector

by Shenron on September 29, 2009

Health inspectors are people who are responsible for public health and safety. They ensure that all public places such as restaurants, hospitals and shopping malls maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. It is a very rewarding as well as secure job and if you feel that this is what you want to be, then the following guidelines can assist you in pursuing your dream career.

Health Inspector How to Become a Health Inspector

• Do your research. You can search online and find out about all the health inspection training programs. Check the duration of the program and find out if it has accredited services.

• Get health inspection education. It is not a must for you to obtain higher education and some people become health inspectors with their high school diplomas only. However, it is always good to gain that extra education. You may have to make a choice between obtaining a health inspection certification or degree. If you go for a degree, keep in mind that that degree courses such as public health, environmental health and health administration are some of the bachelor’s degrees which are closely related to health inspection and will inch you closer to your dream job.

• Work within your limits. When you enroll in a training program, choose one that works well within your financial needs as well as time. Training will typically take one to six years depending on which education you are pursuing.

Health Inspector 5 How to Become a Health Inspector

• Get certification. Again, this is not a requirement but for those who wish to be certified, there are several certifying agencies within every locality. Find out from these agencies which is the most appropriate certification and how one goes about it.

Keep in mind that to be a health inspector, you will work in environments which at times are nit healthy. Remember also, that not everyone will be thrilled with the idea that you are inspecting their workplace. If you are prepared to work in such conditions then you are ready to be a health inspector.

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