How to Become a Jeweler?

by Shenron on July 30, 2009

People who wish to become jewelers must have a sense of fashion flair and a love for art. This should be coupled withstudies in art, math, mechanical drawing as well as chemistry which aids in understanding the elements and design. They should also have a keen eye for detail, coordination of hands and eyes, patience and artistic skills. The jewelry profession is broad and the interested person can choose to specialize on a particular craft.

Jeweler How to Become a Jeweler?


Initially, people used to learn through apprenticeship where they used to watch, learn and practice. Times have changed and now people should find schools that offer jewelry design and manufacturing training. These will equip them with the desired know how on what a jewelers job entails. It is advisable to contact several training centers making sure that they do not only train but offer career help and placement. One should also get computer proficiency in a package called ‘computer-aided designs’, which is a requirement for all aspiring jewelers. The exams come with certification.


The jeweler student should also get internship from established jewelers and learn on the job. This will place them higher in the job market as employers want to work with people who have had hands on experience on the job. It is also essential as the intern learns key security details in the storage of jewelry as they are expensive.

Jeweler 5 How to Become a Jeweler?


Many employers will still insist on taking you over training again to understand their system. Jobs are there for successful candidates and they can work either for jewel retailers, manufacturers or even start their own business. If one is to settle for self employment, they need to study sales and marketing and business management to ensure that they flourish in their venture as the competition is stiff.

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