How to Become a Midwife

by Shenron on December 24, 2009

As the tendency by women to have natural childbirth and rely on alternative medicine increases, the demand for midwives is set to rise. Thus, if one makes a decision to become a midwife, it will be an important choice since the skills gathered will be very vital in marriage as well in helping other people in need of midwifery services. With this in mind, choosing to become a midwife is not just about choosing a profession; it is a matter of answering to a calling that will define one’s future. The following are the steps to be followed by an individual who aspires to become a midwife.

Midwife How to Become a Midwife

• As a student, one should study biology, health sciences and chemistry. It is also important to be well equipped with knowledge in any discipline in behavioral sciences, for instance psychology. All these subjects may be offered in one school.

• After high school education, the next step is to undergo a minimum of one year training in a college offering midwifery courses. For better skills, one should be under supervision from qualified staff for a minimum of 1,350 hours.

• While under further training and supervision, one should keep in mind the fact that it is important to participate in provision of a variety of services to patients including but not limited to prenatal care, assistance to women in labor and during childbirth, and postpartum as well as caring for newborns. The experience gained is important in polishing one’s skills in offering midwifery services.

Midwife 5 How to Become a Midwife

• After the exposure, one should enroll for a written exam in an approved institution in order to be examined on a variety of skills. This is followed by attending the Accreditation Council for midwifery to obtain certification.

• Having become a certified a midwife, the next point is to target recertification after every tree months of practice.

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