How to Become a Nurse

by Shenron on December 28, 2009

There are a variety of roles for people who intend to become nurses within hospitals, general practitioner surgeries, nursing homes, clinics, occupational health service and hospices among others. Nurses are also find positions within universities, prison services, cruise ships as well as armed forces. As populations grow there is need for skilled nursing personnel and there are several regions that have a great shortage of nursing staff. Nursing is good long term career path that can help one develop a timeline for advancement in the career which can get one to senior positions.


• To increase the chances of qualification, the candidate for nursing has to have got at least a GED and shown great performance biology, chemistry, physics and algebra. In addition to these English scores should also be high.

Nurse How to Become a Nurse

• It is important to check with specific institutions concerning their exact qualifications. The course and career as a whole is very intense and rigorous therefore the person intending to enroll for this course should be well prepared.


• The courses for nursing are usually categorized as either associate degrees or degrees and they are offered in many tertiary institutions of learning including online nursing schools.

• After the duration of the course, internship is usually done at local hospitals or community health institutions.

• The content of study is about 50% theory and 50% practical. The initial year of study usually involves a foundation that introduces the students to the fundamentals of nursing.

• After this, the students are able to specialize in certain areas focused on children, adults, mental health as well as those dealing with mental disabilities.

• The associate’s degree courses normally take three years while the degree curriculum takes a period of 4 years.

• There are some cases where one is able to learn nursing by working directly in a hospital and earning what is known as a hospital diploma.

Nurse 5 How to Become a Nurse


• Individuals who want to excel in nursing have to be compassionate since they deal with people with medical ailments. They should further show composure even when under significant amount of pressure.

• People skills are very important in this line of work because nurses deal directly with people.

With many of the baby boomers retiring, there is expected to be a great strain on the health care. At the moment it may not be a good time for nursing management however there is a huge demand for nurses. They are able to access job perks such as bonuses, retention bonuses, and tuition reimbursement among others.

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