How To Become A Pediatrician

by Shenron on October 9, 2009

When studying medicine, one can decide to specialize in various fields. One of those fields is pediatrics. A pediatrician is a doctor who takes care of children from the time they are babies to even when they are in their early teens. To become a good pediatrician, the person must develop a strong compassion for children even before enrolling for a medicine degree. Below are some of the steps that need to be taken by those who want to be pediatricians.

• Have compassion and love for children. Children tend to responds positively to those they feel appreciate or care for them.

Pediatrician How To Become A Pediatrician

• Make sure to study hard while in high school. To be able to qualify for college one needs to obtain above average grades since the competition for admission places is very high. Develop an interest in science related subjects such as chemistry, biology or even physics.

• Decide to take a medical program straight from high school. Taking the program reduces the number of years one takes before they can graduate. One can graduate even after 6 or 7 years instead of the typical eight years.

• One can decide to attend a regular college, which normally takes four years. Going to a regular college will require the person to enroll in MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). Apply for admission to the medical school especially when in second year of college.

• Enquire about the requirements and the courses that one needs to take in order to qualify for the pre-med colleges.

• Decide on the subject to major in. However, one has to take and score high grades in the following courses, organic chemistry, biology, physics, biochemistry, calculus and chemistry.

• Be ready to study hard for four years while in medical school. Prepare to take subjects such as pharmacology, pathology, physiology, immunology and microbiology. During the last two years of medical school, be prepared to take classes in neurology, medicine and surgery.

Pediatrician 5 How To Become A Pediatrician

• Perform well in the NMB (National Medical Board) exams. With high scores, the chances for a better internship career are high.

• Undergo pediatric internship training for one year. Afterwards complete a pediatrics residency program that lasts for two years.

• Sit for another round of pediatrics National Medical Board exams. After successful completion of the board exams, one must be certified by the board in order to start practicing pediatrics.

Decide whether to specialize further in other areas of pediatrics such as pediatric cardiology, adolescent medicine among others.

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