How to Become a Personal Shopper

by Shenron on January 12, 2010

Going shopping can be fun to some people, but to others it may be an ordeal. All the same, people who like shopping can turn their love for going to the shops into a part time career. Those who do not like shopping do not need to worry, for some coins; they can have all shopping done for them. And for those who are paid to do shopping, it is fun being a personal shopper. A few points should be followed in order for one to be a good personal shopper.

• One should acquire experience by getting involved in retail sales as a foundation for bigger jobs. By doing this, one gets familiar with various products and brand names, trends and price positions.

Personal Shopper 5 How to Become a Personal Shopper

• On should do a modicum of research on shopping. This would be based on the kind of clients one anticipates to have. For instance, if it is about dressing, the personal shopper should be well informed about dress sizes and the kind of dress codes that are not only matching but also acceptable.

• The research should involve taking notes from magazines and checking for the latest designs of products that will be appealing to clients. If it is about clothing, the points taken should include views from other users on particular outfits.

• With the knowledge gathered from different perspectives, the next point is to shift from being a regular customer or associate of a particular store to being a personal shopper. One can show a portfolio of past shopping details to the management of a given store and get their feedback regarding trust and skills.

Personal Shopper How to Become a Personal Shopper

• Having gained enough of skills, the next point is to target busy women and men who would like shopping done for them. The best way to guarantee a relationship with them is getting their contact details such as email or phone. They will enlist what they want shopped for them and leave the rest to their new personal shopper.

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