How to Become a Podiatrist

by Shenron on October 16, 2009

Podiatrists are people in the medical field who diagnose and provide treatment for ankle and foot disorders. They provide care services to athletes as well as other sportsmen and enthusiasts, both young and old who have special concern about their feet. Podiatrists treat a variety of disorders ranging from sprains to fractures, and from bunions to ingrown nails of the toes. Today’s podiatrists also have wide specialization in treating sports injuries and geriatric conditions. Thus, a person anticipating to become a podiatrist has to understand these facts and read widely on how to become a podiatrist.

Podiatrist How to Become a Podiatrist

The initial step for a person aiming to be a podiatrist in future is to study a variety of courses in biology and general science right from high school to higher levels of education. If possible, the individual can take an advanced placement course in order to gain more knowledge in the area of podiatry. Since there are many online educational facilities, the individual can browse for colleges and other higher learning institutions that provide opportunities for pursuing premed degree courses. Such information can also be got from catalogs, an important point being to apply early.

While pursuing the podiatry course, it is important to maintain the highest possible grade since the grade determines one’s proficiency during real practice as a podiatrist. In order to advance after the premed course, the interested individual should research for colleges of podiatric medicine well before he or she reaches the senior year of the premed course. For instance, one can visit websites that contain specific information on colleges that offer podiatric medicine. The details and requirements of each college should be evaluated studiously.

While in the senior year of the premed course, one should submit an application to the body regulating podiatric medicine degrees in colleges, to which each college will respond individually, highlighting their details and requirements for studying the course. The college chosen by an individual will submit an admission exam that has to be passed before one joins the college.

Podiatrist 5 How to Become a Podiatrist

The final requirement is a PhD Degree in Podiatric Medicine, which prepares one for the rigors involved in podiatry, and takes three years. Upon completion of the course, one will be required to obtain a license. An individual may also be required to undergo further testing in order to obtain full certification and documentation that will enable him or her to start operating as a podiatrist.

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