How to Become a Police Officer

by Shenron on December 25, 2009

Police officer is among the common professions that one can join and there are quite a number of requirements that one needs to meet to become a good police officer. Although the number of requirements may differ from state to state there are the standardized ones that one should meet.

• The first step is to take a high school course. The latter can be taken alongside continuing education courses in accounting, math, behavioral sciences and computer applications.

Police Officer How to Become a Police Officer

• Also, maintain the physical fitness level. This can be done by them participating in sports in their high school.

• Consider military service period. If one spends two years within the armed forces they should be able to get great physical and mental conditioning to be able to work in the police force.

• Consider a period of military service. Two years in the armed forces is excellent mental and physical conditioning for police work.

• Take care not to get involved in “youthful indiscretions” as background checks are usually carried out on the police officers and if one’s background is not pleasing it may jeopardize their entry into the force. Using common sense should be bale to help one do the right thing.

• There is an exam that one needs to take called the police officer’s written exam for the civil service. One’s nearest police department should be bale to provide one with the information they need concerning the exam.

• One should also be able to excel at the physical exam that will be given to them. The exam typically includes hearing, agility, strength, hearing and vision.

• The next step is to pass a test known as lie detector test.

Police Officer 5 How to Become a Police Officer

• Make sure to pass the drug test. Additionally, if one gets accepted into the force they may be randomly subjected to drug testing during their employment.

• Pass the drug test. In addition, should you become a police officer, you may be subject to continued random drug testing during your employment.

• Finally, one should get an interview with a authority figure in the force and then take a test that will evaluate their personality. This will help to analyze their personal characteristics including responsibility, judgment and integrity.

It is important to note that a state’s civil service is the organ that is tasked with the appointment of local and state police officers, detectives as well as sheriffs.

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