Why You Should Become a Registered Nurse

by Shenron on August 31, 2009

You may have already made it into the working field and unfortunately for this career, it may be too late to switch in. But if you’re right on the cusp of starting your life and are still hunting around for a potential career that will put you ahead financially and morally, becoming a registered nurse is a viable option. Not only are RN’s in huge demand at the moment, the demand is projected to increase even more within the next ten years.

Nurse1 Why You Should Become a Registered Nurse

People are always getting sick and many health care facilities are always looking for new help to keep things moving. Plus, many RN’s love their line of work and find joy every day they show up. Now, it won’t be anything like being a nurse on TV with all of the drama and glamor that goes along with it, but it can still be a fun and rewarding job if you go at it the right way.

  • Depending on your age and current situation you may or may not be able to make use of this step. For college students and young professionals still looking for what they want to do, becoming a licensed nurse practitioner (LPN) is a great head start in the nursing field. There is almost always a guarantee of work so if you’re trying to pay your way through school or tie yourself over until you find a new job, having a degree as an LPN can do wonders. There are LPN summer programs at most community colleges and for just a few hundred dollars, you can earn your degree.

Nurse 51 Why You Should Become a Registered Nurse

  • Assuming you’re not going on to do your residency to become a doctor, you don’t have to do this for as long as some others. But, getting the equivalent to an internship at a local hospital is a great way to “get your name out there.” Hospitals aren’t desperate enough to hire just anybody off of the street that has a nursing degree to come in and take care of their patients. Because insurance costs so much, they want to ensure the highest quality care to minimize the possibility of a lawsuit. Working part time at a hospital is a great way to show motivation and worth within the company.
  • How long does it take? A typical nursing degree can take you about three years to complete. In some fortunate cases, employers will hire you, if you’re interested, ahead of time. That is, before you start school. In exchange for tuition payment, they will ask you to work for them once you get your degree. So, your education is paid for and you’re guaranteed a job once you get out? Sounds like a very good deal.

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