How to Become a Spy

by Shenron on December 22, 2009

Espionage was at its height during the 60’s through to the late 80’s, this was especially due to the cold war. Movies like James bond made becoming a spy the coolest thing for the impressionable minds of many young boys and activated the imagination of many adults. Even though the spying activity is not as pronounced today as it was then it is still a very intriguing occupation. Here are some tips on how to become a spy.

First of there are certain traits that an aspiring spy should have, these are inborn characteristics that all top notch spies possess;

 How to Become a Spy

• Guts; having guts is crucial since spies are constantly in potentially dangerous and life threatening situations. A feeble mind will not favor any aspiring spy because you have to have nerves of steel to keep cool under pressure.

• Intelligence; spying is also called intelligence for a good reason. Spies need to learn a lot within short amounts of time because every mission requires different skills in order to be accomplished effectively.

• Creativity; spies most of the time need to be creative, innovative and resourceful in order to get out of tight situations.

The two most popularly known spy agencies in the world today are the American CIA and the British Mi5. There was the Russian KGB that was well known during the years of the cold war. Generally to become a spy one needs to fulfill some certain criteria;

Spy 5 How to Become a Spy

• Do well in school and for most agencies it is required for one to have a bachelor’s degree.

• Military experience could be an added advantage for the aspiring spy.

• One needs to be a person of honesty, integrity, reliability, discretion, be a team player, have potential for coercion and have ability to protect secret information.

• Finally one would need to keep an eye open for vacancies on the agency website in order to quickly hand in their application.

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