How to Become a Star

by Shenron on January 27, 2010

There are many individuals who can be classified as stars but probably one of the most common one is the movie star. Although there are several roles in a movie that need to be filled the starring roles are few which are characterized by talented actors who has charm. Movie directors like to go for these individuals for the top movies. It is important to follow a few steps in order to become a star.

Initial stages

It is important to start at an early age to practice and this can be achieved by trying various parts either in school plays or community theatres.

become movie Star 5 How to Become a Star

Take Lessons

Acting lessons are very important so it is important to visit an accredited local theater company or a professional actors studio to take acting lessons.

Attend a top notch Drama and Performing Arts

It is also important to attend one of the top notch drama or performing arts programs that is available in your specific state.

Do Auditions

Someone who wants to become movie star is also supposed to audition for school films indies as well as low budget films. One can also explore some options on the internet by visiting a specific website known as One is supposed to be expect some rejection so it is important to persevere and be resilient.

Join Screen Actors Guild

The screen actors guild can be joined through their website and this is where the major movies get their actors from. You must land a role for you to become a member.

Get an Agent

A movie star is supposed to get an agent who is responsible for looking for auditions for roles directly from the movie directors.

becoming movie Star How to Become a Star

Good Looks

A movie star is supposed to look good at all times because the better you look the buzz one will get.

Choose movies

It is important to choose your movies carefully because some of the movies have no chance of making it big in the market. Choosing successful movies will deelop your image.

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