How to Become a Surveyor

by Shenron on December 22, 2009

A surveyor is a person who determines distances and positions, marks land boundaries for title deeds and constructions or maps seabeds for navigation.

The three types of surveyors are;

1. civil engineers – A civil engineer determines distances and positions.

2. hydrographic surveyors – A hydrographic surveyor maps seabeds for navigation.

Surveyor How to Become a Surveyor

3. quantity surveyors/ land surveyors – A quantity surveyor marks land boundaries for title or legal deeds and construction sites.

How to become one -

• Study mathematics and draftting early enough to gain an edge in trigonometry, geometry an algebra which form the basis of becoming a surveyor.

• Join a college or university that offers surveyor courses and choose the desired surveying field. This selection can be aided by a career counselor and it will lie on interest and performance of previous exams.

• Get the necessary skills in mechanical drawing, geometry applications and computer technology and pass all your exams. This is necessary in taking you to the next level and it will also ensure that you land an internship which will propel you to employment.

• Graduate with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, quantity surveying or science in surveying depending on your chosen path.

Surveyor 5 How to Become a Surveyor

• Prepare and sit for the surveyor certification exam to get an operating license depending on your state. This is a prerequisite in getting into the job market. The preparation for the exam will include extensive study and mentorship from those who have been there. They can recommend suitable books for revision.

• Get some hands on experience by internship. This will give you a firsthand experience on what will be expected of you in a working environment. This will also equip you with references who will aid you in landing a job. The internship company may also decide to hire you if you are competent.

• Keep advancing on what you have already achieved to get an edge in the competitive job market and also to be able to climb the success ladder.

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