How to Become a Tutor

by Shenron on October 7, 2009

So long as you have the interest, becoming a tutor is a fairly simple process. All you have to do is to follow these fairly simple steps and you could be well on your way to becoming the tutor you have always dreamed of.

• For you to be a tutor, you will have to skilled in at least one subject area. The first step therefore is to try and develop some proficiency in the subject area that interests you most and which you would like to tutor in. note that you can be proficient in more than one subject area.

Tutor How to Become a Tutor

• The second step is to ensure that you gain a recognized certification in your field of interest. You can attend a recognized college to gain the necessary qualifications.

• It is important to acquaint yourself with the laws governing the tutoring profession. Different countries or different areas may have different governing regulations and it is important for you to ensure that you understand these laws.

• Ensure that you understand your syllabus or the curriculum that you will teach. It goes without saying that for you to deliver the lesson well; you have to have grasped it properly.

Tutor 5 How to Become a Tutor

• You must have a plan for the lesson. Prepare what you are going to teach and how you plan to deliver it. One of the most important virtues of a tutor is being well organized. Always be prepared in readiness to teach and ensure that your content is enough to cover the duration of the lesson.

• As a good tutor, it is important to make your lessons an interactive process with your students so as to make it meaningful for them. Always ensure that your students are fully participating in class and are doing most of the work.

• Lastly, be attentive to your students and ensure that they you respond to every question that they may have.

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