How to Become a YouTube Partner

by Shenron on December 22, 2009

Youtube is a website that allows individuals to upload videos and share them with other users on the internet. What is unique about youtube is that it also gives users the opportunity to make money by becoming partners. There are numerous individuals looking to make extra money on the internet and may therefore want to become YouTube partners. However, how does one go about becoming a youtube partner?


• Computer

• Internet connection

YouTube How to Become a YouTube Partner

• The ability to develop useful videos


• To become a Youtube partner, it is important that one that one resides in a country where the partnership program is available. While youtube is available in numerous countries around the world, the partner program is only available in a few countries such as the US, UK, France, Canada, Brazil and Germany. In addition, for one’s application to be duly processed a legitimate emailing address is required.

• Subsequently, one should apply for and activate an adsense account. The account makes it possible for webmasters to obtain traffic for personal products and also monetize their websites.

YouTube Partner 5 How to Become a YouTube Partner

• Fill out an application form. For this one requires a Youtube and Google account for purposes of filling out the provided forms. If the application is successful, a review that is subject to approval commences.

• In order to proceed, one is required to agree to the Terms of Service. It is crucial that individuals thoroughly reads and understand the terms of service before accepting the terms. Individuals are advised to seek clarification on terms that are not clear.

• Individuals become Youtube partners once they accept the terms of service. Partners are allowed to upload their personal videos. Only original videos and those without copyright liabilities may be uploaded. In addition, only videos that are capable of gathering strong traffic may be uploaded. To avoid tagging and/or the termination of the account, partners are advised to adhere to set guidelines.

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