How to Become an Author

by Shenron on February 8, 2010

Becoming an author is one of those dream jobs that most people would love to have but have no idea how to even begin getting their things published. Well, if you fall into that category and are unhappy with your life and would like to take a new path and become an author, keep reading. The problem with most “want to be” authors is that they get too cocky about the quality of their work and lose sight of the fact that there are tens of thousands of other people with equally great ideas that are trying to get published too. So, before you go any further with your career, take a step back and gain some humility and realize that there are plenty of great ideas out there in the world and that you’re not the only one writing.

Author How to Become an Author

1.The first thing you’re obviously going to want to do is figure out what type of book or content you’re interested in writing. Going in with the idea that you’re going to write the best book since Moby Dick is just a foolish idea and should be thrown out the window right now. You’ll want to start small and as you gain credit in the writing community, you can move on to write the book you’ve always dreamed of. If fiction is your niche, research what type of fictitious books, be they romance or comedy, gain the most attention on the book shelves. You’ll have to search for a while before you find a happy balance between what’s popular and what you enjoy writing.

2.The next part of the process of writing something worthwhile is to formulate a plan. Just like any great book before yours, there was a plan in place before the book was ever written. Formulating a plan and writing down all of the ideas and plot twists you’re going to want to include makes sure you keep on track with your ideas and don’t stray too far off the course to bore readers.

3.You would think that we’d have a step in this guide to tell you how to write the book or content once you’ve got the ideas mapped out. Well, no one can do that for you. Every writer has their own style of writing and it’s up to you to figure out how you’re going to write your book. The only advice we can give is to start slow and don’t get frustrated if the creativity doesn’t flow right away. Give it time and work your way through your ideas before throwing them on paper.

Author1 How to Become an Author

4.The last thing you’ll want to do of course is get your book published. There are two very different ways of going about doing this. You can independently publish a book for a few thousand dollars and handle all of the ins and outs of getting your books onto shelves of your local bookshops, or you can hire an agent or publisher. Hiring an agent doesn’t work with you storming into their office and demanding to be published. Rather, you will have to bring your manuscript in for your novel and present it to them. If they like where you’re going with the book, they’ll sign you to their firm and they will handle distribution and advertising for you.

As said in the beginning, don’t expect riches over night. Many authors write dozens of books before one resonates enough with the public that they can make some serious money.

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