How to Become an Event Coordinator

by Shenron on February 7, 2010

All of the events that we attend and enjoy in our lives aren’t just magically erected. Things like your state fair and fund raising functions at a community center for example, take weeks and months to plan so that they go off without a hitch.

Luckily, the people in charge of the organizing know what they’re doing and you can rest assured that everything you see and enjoy was meticulously planned out so that visitors don’t get confused or lost.

Event Coordinator How to Become an Event Coordinator

If you think you might like to be an event coordinator for a major organization or entertainment venue, it’s much easier than you think and if you keep reading, you’ll find out exactly what you need to do.

1.As with all careers, the first thing you’re going to want to do is get a college degree of some sort. Being an event planner doesn’t require a specific degree as most of the work you’ll be doing is probably going to be freelance. If you do end up working for an organization, such as a charity, having a bachelor’s degree in either business or public relations will go a long way. Event planners need a wide variety of problem solving skills that just a high school diploma can’t prove. Some schools offer courses and degrees relating to managing large scale functions, but there is no major called “event coordinating.”

2.No matter your age or experience level, the first logical step is to go out and volunteer at a local event. If you pick up your local paper this afternoon, you’ll more than likely find plenty of ads in the classifieds sections advertising local charities and fund raising functions that you can attend. If you give them a call and see if they need any volunteer help, chances are they’re going to let you on board. Once in the door with groups in your community, you can make some friends and move towards actually coordinating events down the road. It may take a few months for others to feel comfortable enough with your presence to let you plan a full event, but it’s bound to happen.

Event How to Become an Event Coordinator

3.Next, of course, is the application to a corporation to work full time as their event coordinator. If the community fund raising and cookie sales weren’t enough for you, you can try applying to businesses that always hold large scale functions. Companies like record labels and film production agencies are always holding get-to-gathers to introduce clients to one another and to show off their newest works. The entertainment industry, in any and all capacities, is a good place to work because you’re guaranteed to be busy with planning events, due to the nature of the business, and you’ll be surrounded by new people all the time, thus opening more doors for you.

Keep in mind that you probably won’t be hired on as an event coordinator right away. More than likely you will be hired as what would be more or less an intern. But, if you show your skills on the lower tiers of the job, you’ll quickly find yourself planning the events yourself.

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