How to Become an IT Professional

by Shenron on February 28, 2010

The information technology field is forever growing and it’s almost impossible to keep up sometimes. With computers invading our everyday lives more and more, there are more and more people struggling to keep things straight and troubleshoot their computer troubles. You may be very gifted in the field of computers, but most people aren’t. That’s why people that love computers and are confident in understanding their inner working are a very valuable commodity in the work force to make sure things work smoothly. Here’s how you can break into the IT field and make money doing what you love.

Become IT Professional How to Become an IT Professional

1. The first thing you’re going to want to make sure of is that you’re confident enough around a computer to work on others. If you think you’d be hesitant to work on other people’s machines and make necessary changes in either software or hardware realms, this job may not be for your. IT Professionals have to be sure of their abilities and must not be afraid to open up a computer and move things around a little bit. If you feel ready to do those things, let’s move on.

2. A college degree isn’t necessary to work on other people’s computers. A lot of the knowledge that’s necessary to repair a computer can be obtained through sheer practice. But, if you want to expedite the process, you will want to get a college degree in information technology. In universities, the information technology field is covered under a much broader field of computer science. Within the computer science field is a software side of things and a hardware side of things. I recommend getting your degree in the software side of things as hardware can be learned very easily, but with knowledge of programming and how things work together within an operating system, you’ll have a much easier time figuring out what could be the problem of your client’s computer.

IT Professional How to Become an IT Professional

3. With a degree in computer science, you have two options. If you want to fix other people’s computers for a living, you can easily start your own computer repair firm and research competitive prices in your area to see how much you should charge. Remember to have clients sign a waiver that doesn’t put you at risk for a lawsuit should things go awry. Your second option is to work for a business or firm that has a large IT department. Companies need computers to run but because many companies don’t work in the computer business, hiring someone else to manage their network and systems is their best bet. Working for these types of companies can earn you a very nice income if you’re proficient in the job.

The sky is really the limit when it comes to IT. There are no formal licenses that you need to obtain if you’re wanting to start your own private IT company either. That means that if you’re good enough with computers, you can start right away. Everyone would benefit from a computer science degree but it isn’t absolutely necessary. Finally, if you decide to work for a company, be aware of what you’re getting into and understand that while you may have been hired as the network guy, you’ll be expected to have a broad range of other knowledge to fix problems along the way.

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