How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

by Shenron on October 13, 2009

The world of the freelance writer, particularly of the beginning freelancer, can be a very difficult and confusing one. You start out with the want and/or need to see your words in print or online, and then what? How do you get your start? Where are the clients? Where do you even begin to search for jobs? There are billions, even trillions, of websites that are writer related on the web. Where do you go? Welcome to our literary maze. Normally, many writers begin by stumbling around the internet for months, finding freelance jobs that offer very little pay and even some that offer none at all. For many writers, this is the end of the freelance road. They drop their dreams and walk away. This, however, does not have to be the end. There are plenty of possibilities for finding freelance writing jobs, if you only know where to look.

Freelance Writing Jobs 5 How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Starting out, as a beginning writer, be prepared to look for the job. When a client wants a writer, he/she wants them right away. There is no time to speak with them, spend a couple of days creating a resume’ that you think will suit them, and getting back to the client. After two days you can bet that the job will be filled. Be prepared right out of the gate. Have a resume’ that is universal, showing a good variety of past experience and education. If your resume’ is targeting one single audience, then you’ll likely get a lot less work.

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