How to Improve Your Writing Career

by Shenron on October 4, 2009

If you are a newbie, you want to check out the writing basics at our previous article how to become a writer.

Webster’s dictionary defines the word professional as an adjective that is “characterized by or conforming to the technical and/or ethical standards of a profession.” In the case of the professional writer, this phrase opens an entire realm of possibilities in taking your career a step beyond where you currently stand. After all, one aspect that reveals a writer as a professional is his or her personal drive to better their abilities as a literary artist. Without further ado, let us delve into five proven applications that will take you a step further in your writing.

Writing Career How to Improve Your Writing Career

1. Do not base your quality of content upon your paycheck.

Of course, as a professional writer, you have a certain financial level that you must receive for your services. It is a safe bet, however, that you do not have a maximum level. In many cases the average writer will write better content for the higher paying clientele, and provide less impressive content for the lesser paying client. This saves time and effort in the short term for the writer, but in the long term, it can be harmful. Your career will improve if you provide high-quality content to every client that you work for. This will help you develop a solid reputation throughout the literary community, if by no other manner, than simple word of mouth marketing by your clients.

2. Open new doors of opportunity.

Writers write about what they know, and that is as it should be. Nevertheless, there is always room for growth. Never write about something you are unfamiliar with, but at the same time, delve into other realms. Look for new areas of writing that are foreign to you, yet seem to intrigue you. Spend a certain amount of time studying these subjects or genres. Inevitably, the same old topics that you write about every day will begin to bore you. This way, you will have different topics when that day comes.

3. Proper Time Management

Time management is vital to the successful writer. When considering your weekly schedule, you must take into account already present assignments, upcoming deadlines, and even the possibility of unforeseen assignments popping up. It can be quite a chaotic profession. Nevertheless, even with all these various possibilities, it is quite important to have a schedule. Set a certain time to start writing five days per week, and a certain time to stop. It’s okay to cross over that line by a short while, but never spend all your time on one thing. This will lead to writers block or writers burn-out, two very problematic issues for the professional writer. Writing is a job, like any other, and must be treated as such.

4. Don’t write only for everyone else.

It seems that most writers are constantly wielding words for clients, but never for themselves. If you really wish to gain a wider following of both clientele and readers, take a short bit of time every week and write for yourself. Write about being a writer, or your hobby, or anything that interests you. Then, take that writing and post it all over the internet, or at various article marketing sites. Make sure your subject is one you are passionate about. When a possible client reads it and takes note of that passion in your words, they will remember your name.

Writing Career 5 How to Improve Your Writing Career

5. Create a home office.

It is so easy to get distracted writing at home. There is the television, kids yelling, phone ringing, and so much more average everyday things going on around you that you cannot possibly put together good content. Writing at the kitchen table or on the living room couch simply does not work well. Set aside one area in your home, preferably an entire room, as your home office. Treat this area as if it were a client’s office that you work in. Keep a professional feel to it, lightly decorated, with everything you will need from your computer to a file cabinet. As much as possible, keep all noise away from this room. This will give you an “at-work” sensation and make it far easier to focus on finishing your work.

In ending, I would just like to toss out one extra little tip to improve your career. Always keep an open mind for new things, new concepts, and the possibilities of improvement.

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