How To Make Extra Cash in a Bad Economy

by Shenron on October 10, 2009

We all sincerely hope that you haven’t lost your job during this economic downturn (at least what they call it to make it sound less terrible). Unfortunately for some of you, you probably already have and are a few months into your unemployment benefits with the end of them approaching faster than you’d like. What should you do? The benefits will soon run out and you’ll be in an even worse off position than you are now with still nothing coming in. Well instead of waiting for the end to get to you, we’re going to highlight some things you can try to make some extra money while you look for a new job.

Make Extra Cash How To Make Extra Cash in a Bad Economy

1. Freelance work: There are always people in the freelance market that do it full time and then there are those that just have a little extra time on their hands or they need the cash. You can easily set up accounts on various freelance writing and design forums to see if you can get some quick jobs. Surely you have a skill outside of the workplace that you could put to good use. As long as you’re fluent and knowledgeable in the field you’re looking to freelance for, you should have no problem making some extra cash every month. It’s worth a shot, right?

2. Craigslist Jobs: Craigslist is a great resource for freelance work as well. Instead of the “digital” kind though, if you are a handyman or great cook, there are plenty of people in your area that are in need of your services. The elderly will always need help doing chores or running errands. Take a quick browse through the job listings section on Craigslist to see what people need done in your area. If the job is serious enough, it may turn into a full time gig until you can get a job similar to your old one.

Make Extra Cash 5 How To Make Extra Cash in a Bad Economy

3. eBay: The suggestion to sell things on eBay comes up in almost any “make extra money” discussion. The reason that’s true is because it actually works. Everyone has some useless junk around their house that they need to get rid of and the internet is the best place to do it. Even if you don’t have “junk” and own something more substantial that you think you’d be able to sell like furniture or electronics, give it a go. If things get bad enough you may have to seriously consider selling some of your prized possessions.

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