iPhone Productivity Tips

by Shenron on December 23, 2009

Almost everyone and their mother owns an iPhone these days, but if you’re only using it to make calls and look cool in public, you’re missing out on some great ways to increase your daily productivity. Because phones are no longer just a phone, they’re miniature computers in our pockets, we have a whole list of things we can do with them that were once not possible. Here at the blog we think your workday is just as important in the office as it is on your phone when you’re out and about. Most people don’t have average office jobs anymore, and for that, you need your own secretary: your phone. Let’s take a look at some apps you can buy that will help you get through your day a little easier.

iPhone iPhone Productivity Tips

The first thing we’ll take a look at is one of my personal favorites. Because I work with a lot of different documents from clients on a day to day basis, I need to have a way to get them from my computer to my phone without any hassle. For that I use FileMagnet. Yes, the name be a little cheesy considering the company that made it is called Magnetism Studios, but they sure do make a great product. Dropping five dollars on something so great is well worth it. Almost any file type you can think of can be transferred to the iPhone with the use of this application. It’s great for reading PDFs or Word documents on the go and it helps me get through piles of email attachments while I ride the train to work.

Next up is a little app called “Zenbe” lists. The name is a bit catchier than most other iPhone apps, so if nothing else, it should keep your attention. Zenbe lists are to-do lists you can add to your phone and sync with the Zenbe website. They store your lists on their servers so you can access them from any desktop computer or any phone capable of getting online. In addition to the lists being accessible everywhere, your lists, because they’re hosted somewhere other than your phone, can be edited by other people. So, if you’re out with a client and are making a to-do list of things you need to have to them by the end of the week (Zenbe lets you post due dates to your lists) and they forget to mention something to you, they can look at your list online and add that final task that they forgot to tell you over lunch.

 iPhone Productivity Tips

Last is something that doesn’t need much of an introduction or spiel simply because it’s just so great (and free!) that bragging about it would be childish. It’s TheMacBox’s application called “Units.” It’s capable of converting currencies and units of almost any kind to other units of measurement. We live in a globalized economy these days and not having a handy way to convert back and forth between units could leave you without a business deal. Do yourself a favor and grab this one. Actually, grab all of them. You can thank us later for the time you saved.

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