The Difference Between Me Time and Company Time

by Shenron on October 15, 2009

In an ongoing segment here at Everyday Career, we’re looking at ways you can increase productivity in whatever field of work you’re in. As we’ve covered in a few previous topics regarding productivity, a lot of the time the most productive thing you can is to stop being productive altogether. That means stepping away from work for a little while to return refreshed and ready to go. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our work that our “play time” becomes nonexistent. When you reach the point in time where you’re completely unable to step away from your work to relax, you become a workaholic. Below are some tips and ideas you can follow to get your life back on track and out of “workaholic” mode.

1. Vacation: When work overwhelms you to the point of mental insanity, it’s time to take a serious break. The most popular thing to do these days for business elites getting away from it all is to abandon all forms of communication to the outside world. That means no cell phones, pagers, beepers, computers, email, anything. If you bring these along, you’re sure to get distracted by your Blackberry’s email notifications. Leave them all at home and enjoy your time away from the modern world.

Time Management The Difference Between Me Time and Company Time

2. My Time: Similar to vacations, getting some alone time is crucial for any amount of sanity. No one can be expected to work themselves to death every day, which is why in the evenings, you need to take it easy. Whatever it is you enjoy doing by yourself, be it reading, watching TV, or even playing some video games, do it for a couple of hours. Consider this a form of modern relaxation. You may not necessarily be cutting yourself off from the 21st century but you’re at least getting far enough away from the “office” state of mind that you won’t drive yourself crazy.

3. Work Separately: If you work at home, try to set up your home office as far away from the rest of the house as possible. If you have your computer and phones too close to the “family area,” you’re more likely to mix the two together. With a home office away from everything, your work and family time become separate.

Clock on Head The Difference Between Me Time and Company Time

4. “No!”: Perhaps the exclamation point in the tip title is a little excessive, but it better conveys the point. Sometimes you have to muster up the ability to say no to a boss or colleague because you are already busy. Overloading yourself results in added stress and responsibilities. If you’re able to say “no” to a request, you’ll be able to better plan your life around you instead of other people.

How do you balance life and work? Let us know in the comments below.

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