A Warm Welcome To Our New Author

by Shenron on August 2, 2009

I have a small announcement to make. Until now, Sylvia was writing for Everyday Career. Many of our readers, mostly close friends, expressed a monotonous feeling in relation to the content published so far. They were obviously seeking variety in content. In the past week, I had been going through numerous writing samples from writers from many parts of the world. Last evening, I finally cornered the man I was looking for.

Author2 A Warm Welcome To Our New Author

Welcome Nick Roberts.

Nick is an American born and a writer by passion.His writing style appealed a lot to me and we signed a contract with him for the next 6 months.  Nick specializes in the area of freelancing  and use of technology to become a better professional/employee/businessman. He is also a career researcher and provides advice on varied fields of interest.  Nick will soon have a profile page of his own where you can get to know more about him.

Welcome to Everyday Career Nick.

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