Becoming a Teacher – a Few Mistakes you Might Want to Avoid

by Everyday on June 7, 2011

Are you hoping to avoid making your first year teaching a living hell? If so, you need to set the stage on your very first day. The mistakes listed in this article will have you running out the classroom crying or handing in your resignation fast, that’s why you should avoid them at all costs.

Showing Up Late.You are the role model in the class, that’s why you need to be the first to arrive. Unless there are serious circumstances, you have no excuse for showing up late.Well, that sure isn’t the attitude you need to take on the very first day of your work.

Becoming Teacher Becoming a Teacher   a Few Mistakes you Might Want to Avoid

Dressing Inappropriately. Students will notice what you wear, so give them something to gossip about – you want to be popular, right? Wrong! Gaudy outfits or low-cut tops will give your students lots of mileage for making fun of you, which doesn’t bode well for your career nor mental health.

Not Planning Course Objectives. If you evade questions about exam dates, specific expectations, or grading criteria, students will figure out that you aren’t in control and they can do what they want – and you definitely do not want that to happen (remember how it was back when you were in school?).

Disrespecting Your Own Rules. The best way to get your students to disrespect your rules all year isto start off by being a bad example: eating in the classroom, talking on your cell phone, etc. Don’t do that!

Making a Fool of Yourself. You should definitely not yell at the first student to step out of line. Arguing with questions and getting emotional will show your students exactly how to push your buttons for the rest of the year.

These five mistakes are among the most common reasons new teachers don’t make it through the first year. If you want to give teaching your best shot, just avoid them and you’ll probably have a successful first day—which will set you up for a successful career.

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