Becoming an Administrative Assistant – a Challenging and Fun Career

by Everyday on June 7, 2011

Are you considering a career as an administrative assistant? If so, the sky is the limit asfar as career opportunities. Administrative assistants are needed in every industry, from Fortune 500 companies to small publishing houses to health care centers. Whatever your passion, you can find an administrative assistant position that doesn’t just pay the bills, but is also fulfilling and rewarding.

An administrative assistant position can be the start of a challenging and fun career path, or it can be a stepping-stone to other exciting roles within your chosen industry. Are you dreaming about becoming a filmmaker? Get your foot in the door by working as an administrative assistant for a film studio. You’ll gain valuable hands-on training and improve your resume at the same time.

Becoming Administrative Assistant Becoming an Administrative Assistant   a Challenging and Fun Career

Are you hoping to become an administrative assistant to a celebrity one day? Explore jobs in a variety of industries to learn all you can about good interpersonal communication, discretion, and how to keep a cool head. The bottom line is that becoming an administrative assistant can take you as far as you want. But before you start scanning the online ads for administrative openings, take the time to figure out if you have the right skills for this job. Being an administrative assistant isn’t just about filing papers and answering the phone.

In addition to answering phones and emails and doing paperwork, you might find yourself scheduling meetings and lunches, sending out press releases, setting up interviews, organizing price quotes, purchasing office items planning business travel, and anything else that’s required. Although many assistant positions are entry-level, this doesn’t mean the job is easy. On the contrary, you’ll be competing against dozens or even hundreds of highly qualified applicants for the same desirable job. What skills can help you stand out from the crowd and land that job offer?

As an administrative assistant, you’ll spend a good deal of time around people.Unless you want your job to drive you crazy, you need to enjoy socializing and genuinely want to make life easier for the people you work with. Strong organizational and time management skills are a must, as is the ability to jump headfirst into your day and juggle priorities on the fly. You’ll also need to be comfortable using technology and learning new software applications quickly. If you have a good attitude, are a quick thinker, and adjust your habits and needs on the fly to fit the surroundings (and your employer), you can definitely make a great administrative assistant.

One thing you don’t need right away is a four-year college degree.This is good news for qualified and smart applicants with the right skills and a high school diploma. Most employers don’t require you to have a college degree, although some will offer assistance so that you can continue your education while working.If you don’t yet have a college degree, focus on polishing your resume and applying for jobs that will give you the experience you need to advance your career. In the past couple of decades, the responsibilities and roles of administrative assistants have shifted. Online communication platforms have changed the way that people interact and companies do business.

However, the job of an administrative assistant is not going anywhere anytime soon.If anything, with today’s digitized work environment and the fast-pace of daily life, administrative assistants are needed more than ever to keep organizations running smoothly. According to a national survey conducted by an administrative staffing agency, almost 75% of managers polled think that responsibilities for support professionals have increased in the last five years. More than half of the managers believed that their administrative staff now have a better career-growth track. The administrative industry is growing rapidly, and qualified individuals are needed to fill positions in a range of fields.

Whatever your long-term goals or dreams, becoming an administrative assistant could be the first step on your path to success.

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