Best Recruiting Software Options

by Shenron on February 20, 2013

When looking into recruiting software, it can be difficult to choose what is right for your company. You have to consider your business and where your prospective employees are hanging out the most. You want to consider the best way for your human resources department to interact with the managers of your company. And finally, you want to consider how specialized your needs are when it comes to the people you are hiring. With all of that in mind you can focus on the relevant parts of the software to get the best match.

ICIMS, Social Extreme

ICIMS has one of the best social interfaces out there. Not only does it allow you to post to many outlets simultaneously, it will also comb through data on the social sites to find people right for your openings. This type of crawler is much more effective than just waiting for people to submit to your website. You finding them instead of them finding you is often a great way to start the relationship.recruit software Best Recruiting Software Options

Newton Software, Multi-Platform

Newton Software is an example of multi-platform software allowing you to use it on a tablet, smartphone or computer. This is great for those who are constantly on the go. It makes sharing resumes quite simple and your managers are never out of the loop even when they are out of the office.

Exact Hire, Skill Specific

Many of the best recruiting software options don’t really cover the specifics of skills that certain positions require. When just a particular education is not enough, Exact Hire is a way to really weed down the resume content. It targets very specific points in the resume and skills section. This keeps some candidates from getting through but ultimately saves the hiring manager significant amounts of time. There is no longer a need to go through each resume by hand.

Specific Websites

You can also look into the software offered online only. While you don’t put this on your computer, it is still a way of filing potential hires and cross-referencing all the information available on each person. While these platforms often don’t give the same comprehensive dashboard as some of the others, the programs are still effective. This is often the choice of the smaller company not quite willing to commit to a single software platform just yet.

Recruiting is a big part of the success of a company. Without the right employees you cannot hope to grow your business and become more efficient. Finding people who want to be a part of your business is important as well as finding people who really have the skill set you need to be successful. There is no reason even the smallest company can’t recruit around the world. The Internet has made it possible to globalize the tiniest of businesses. This shows in the way recruiting platforms are working and in the hiring processes across the board. You can become a part of the conversation.

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