Unboring Ways To Get Things Done In Time

by Shenron on August 10, 2009

No one likes to work. We all just want to have a good time and goof off instead of actually sitting down and getting things done to keep the bills paid. Unless you have a job you love, you’re probably stuck in the 9-5 rut that perpetually keeps you inundated with things to do. But, work doesn’t have to be miserable. You probably go into work dreading what you have to do that day and end up playing around with your coworkers to avoid work and make light of the situation. But, if you put your head down and get your work done in an organized and timely fashion, there’s no reason why you can’t have have fun and time left over each and every day.

So you want to do some re-organizing?

Time Management1 Unboring Ways To Get Things Done In Time

  • Get there early: While it may seem like a foolish idea that you would never dream of, going into work early can help you get a lot accomplished in the day. You may not have the option to do this but if you live close enough to the office, going in an hour or two before everyone else will keep your workspace quiet. Without the distractions of your coworkers, you can focus on what has to get done and not be sidetracked by other on goings in the office.
  • Make a schedule: Outline what it is you have to accomplish every single week on a piece of paper or Word document. With everything laid out you can then see what tasks are crucial to deadlines and which ones can be put off to later in the week. With everything mapped out you can set yourself an hour by hour agenda that will help you stay focused and on task. Build some breathing room in for yourself so you can have extra time if one project takes longer than you expected.
  • Take breaks: You may be asking, “why would I take a break if I’m trying to get things done?” The answer is simple. If you take short breaks throughout the day, be it going to get some water from the break room, having a cigarette outside, or just chatting with the people next to you, you can keep yourself motivated. The human brain doesn’t like long tasks. So breaking up your day and tasks into smaller increments by giving the brain a rest will help things flow more easily and you may even get things done FASTER because you’ve taken a break in between.

Time Management Clock Unboring Ways To Get Things Done In Time

  • Go home: If your boss will let you, take some work home with you. That’ll get you out of the office that you hate so much and will give you some time in a comfortable environment. Some people work the opposite way and need an office to function and get way too distracted at home, but some people need that personal comfort to work properly.

When all is said and done, you may have a day that finishes earlier than everyone else, allowing you time to go home and relax while everyone else is still at work. I would love to know what it is you do to stay organized and get things done in time.

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Rebecca Leaman August 10, 2009 at 11:43 pm

These are solid productivity tips – thank you! But I have to say, it saddens me to read about a world in which people view their jobs as a soul-destroying necessity to be slogged through as quickly as possible, instead of as an opportunity for creativity and accomplishment. Too often the case, I know, especially at the entry level… Surprisingly often, however, there are ways to make even the most routine job into, well, if not an actual joy then at least much less of a painful chore. As your blog’s tagline hints, the ultimate goal is to move from *survive* to *thrive* in the workplace, yes?


Ching Ya August 17, 2009 at 8:24 pm

I can still remember vividly about my 9-5 working habits. Frankly speaking, sometimes I enjoyed it but at times I’m not. What I’m trying to do while I’m at it, is to make sure things are finished as scheduled while having a little spare time to do the coming-tasks. Why not help the future you achieve a little peace of mind? ^^ Of course, that’s not always the case and not always you’ll get acknowledge for the extra efforts. However, what I’m agreeing here is that, no matter how it is, try to have a positive mind about it and be productive.

Although I never bring my home back with me. I try to avoid that at all cost. ^^ I noticed I’m writing in present tense! LOL.. well, actually I’ve quit the job in June. Sorry about it, I guess that’s the reason why it’s still ‘vivid’.

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