How to become a Body Builder?

by Shenron on August 15, 2009

The art of body building is very old and can be traced back to the 11th century in India and was also being practiced by the Romans and the Greeks who constructed various projects in order to strengthen their muscles. However, there are some people who are wrong in thinking that bodybuilding only involves lifting weights as it also involves taking the correct type of diet and vitamin.

Body Builder How to become a Body Builder?

  • An aspiring body builder must be very ambitious and have a strong desire to become a body builder if he or she wants to be successful. The results are not immediate and thus one may not go far if he or she is not motivated to continue.

  • One should be so passionate about the sport until he accepts to change some aspects of his or her lifestyle that may include changes in eating habits, work and even sleep.
  • One should always consult his or her physician to advice on whether he or she would have any side effects that may arise as a result of exercises or change of diet. The doctor will also advice on the proper diet that will increase the muscle mass.

    Body Builder 5 How to become a Body Builder?

  • One should take enough proteins that are vital in muscle building though not excess as they may bring health problems such as kidney diseases. One should have a protein intake of between thirty five and forty five grams of protein per each day.
  • Now start exercising by mixing weight training with aerobic exercises. Twelve weeks of exercise cycle are recommended; with three to four aerobic exercises per week so as to build stamina including activities such as cycling, swimming and running as well as three weight training sessions per each week.
  • The other important step would be to start competing by beginning in amateur competitions, compete locally and finally one can get into national and international competitions.

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