How to Become a Bodyguard?

by Shenron on July 9, 2009

It is always advisable for people to get a decent education before they take any career path. This is because many colleges require that you have graduated from high school to train with them. This case is the same even for people aspiring to be bodyguards.

Fitness: People aspiring to become bodyguard need to be in good physical condition. They should be able to move quickly, run and stand for long periods of time. They therefore need to plan for routine workouts in order to get into good shape and also to maintain an athletic condition and general body fitness.

Bodyguard How to Become a Bodyguard?

Find a training centre: People should take the essential training and instructions to learn how to deal with weapons expertly. Skill is very important for all bodyguards.

Self Defense: This is the single most important aspect that a person aspiring to be a bodyguard should have. There is no point in being a bodyguard if one cannot protect their client against at least 3 assailants. To get the proper knowledge and skills, it is advisable for people to sign up for self defense classes and study until they become experts.

Enroll in a bodyguard school: People should enroll in a school or program that will get them ready to become bodyguards. It is very important to complete the entire training. Bodyguard training entails self-defense skills, martial arts, close combat, security procedures, disarming advanced weapons, anti-terrorism preparation, threat assessment and anti-ambush procedures.

Bodyguard 5 How to Become a Bodyguard?

Key skills: Some of the skills to have are decision making skills under pressure, self defense skills, good vision to spot danger, physical strength, stamina and endurance, emergency handling skills, communication, negotiation, and people skills. In addition one should have social skills to blend in with different people.

Get a job: People can now apply for jobs with reputable bodyguard companies. One can search local yellow pages under bodyguard or personal protection and immediately start the process of applying.

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