How to Become a Boxer?

by Shenron on August 18, 2009

Boxing as a career can be a very rewarding job and many have in the past become millionaires from the sport. Any aspiring boxer must realize that boxers must work their way up and do not start from the top. One must be ready to undergo intensive and persistent training as the sport can be very dangerous and even fatal. Despite the many challenges, any person who is not physically disabled can become a boxer by taking the following steps.

Boxer How to Become a Boxer?

  • The first step would be for one to register as a member of an allied boxing club. One can search for boxing clubs that are near him or her in the universities, health clubs or internet. Internet is a very rich source of information for those who want to become amateur boxers.
  • One should be ready to train for duration between six and twelve months in boxing, learning fundamentals such as defense, stance, combinations, offence, ringcraft shadowboxing and boxing rules. This is significant for a learner as he or she becomes skilled and familiar with this sport.
  • The next step would for one to make an arrangement with his or her coach to register as a competitor but only if both feel that the trainee is prepared to spur. The matches may not be scored as the main purpose would be for one to gain boxing experience and skills before a real match.

    Boxer 5 How to Become a Boxer?

  • One should go to a boxing club and fight with another boxer of similar weight, age, skill level and gender. One will now be qualified for beginners’ developmental boxing tournaments.
  • One should compete in eleven bouts and from here; he or she can compete in provincial championships. Winning a provincial match would mean that one can compete at National championships.
  • One should utilize any available chance to participate in various boxing tournaments and shows, whether national and international.

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