How to Become a Butcher?

by Shenron on August 23, 2009

As a butcher, one will have the duty of preparing meat in different ways and presenting them for sale. There are different reasons why people would like to become butchers though many of them may have a desire to present fine meats. Butchers will be required to directly interact with the public daily and assist them to find new meats as they enjoy the cuts offered.

Butcher How to Become a Butcher?

Being a butcher may not require any formal education or certification since it is classified as a vocational trade. One may however need to do the following:

  • One should look for an experienced butcher and then work under him or her as one will get the experience that will helpful in deciding whether one will want to become a butcher or should find another work. It is also important for one to go through various books that have information on butchering.
  • The next step would be for one to practice being comfortable in rooms that are cold and damp. This is because the meat working area must be cold so that the meat can remain fresh. This means that one should not have respiratory diseases that are can be worsened by such a condition.

    Butcher 5 How to Become a Butcher?

  • One should be ready to work extra hard so that he or she can become an expert in the job. Much of the butchering training will take place as one is working in simple chores such as de-boning and simple cuts.
  • One should practice the hand-eye coordination as this will prevent one from cutting his all her fingers while chopping meat pieces with sharp tools that they use.
  • One should realize that butchering requires one to lift heavy loads of uncut meat and thus he or she should develop the strength of his or her upper body. This can be done by one going to a gymnasium or doing private exercises.

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