How to Become a Buyer

by Shenron on January 25, 2010

Becoming a buyer requires hard work and keen intellect if one is to succeed in handling the powerful and glamorous job of being a buyer. Since the field is very competitive, one needs to be open-minded and fast in learning the prevailing market trends. The job of a buyer includes examining goods, and working within set budgets to bid for products, which are resold for a profit. Since most of the purchases made by a buyer are meant for diverse markets, the buyer should have a keen eye for what is marketable. To attain such skills, one should go through the relevant courses that offer training in the same.

• Obtain a degree or a diploma in retail buying from an accredited college. Subjects covered in these courses include retail management, business, fashion merchandising, communication skills and marketing.

Buyer How to Become a Buyer

• Apply for a buyer job in a retail outlet. Often times, getting a job as a buyer fresh out of college may prove hard. As such, one may consider taking up an internship or working at the counter sales before being considered for a buyer position. An internship offers people exposure in the retail industry, thereby giving them the chance to learn on the job.

• Attending training sessions organized to train buyers on different skills is also a good way of gaining additional knowledge about the industry. The sessions offer a platform where one can meet prospective employers since some of them are organized by major retailers.

Buyer 5 How to Become a Buyer

• One should also gain as much industry knowledge as possible by keeping abreast with prevailing trends in retail buying and marketing. Due to the different demands placed on different industries, the marketing trends change frequently in order to address competition, while retail buying responds to the demands directly.

• Finally, one should specialize in a specific sector in the retail industry and learn all there is to know about it.

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