How to Become a Celebrity

by Shenron on January 23, 2010

Becoming a celebrity means acquiring limelight and maintaining the same.

A strong and persistent personality. This is especially useful become achieving a celebrity status is not a one day thing. This is because getting people to appreciate a person’s talent is an eventual process. One will have to put up with equal measures of happiness and disappointments. Making the right connection that will propel some one to celebrity status requires a resolute mind and an even tougher heart.

celebrity How to Become a Celebrity

Have a talent. This can be anything from making bad jokes, writing, singing, acting, cooking, eating and just anything that makes one stand out from others in a manner that appeals to a sizeable number of people. Overall, one should have a noteworthy individuality that will give the audience a reason to look forward to their acts. One thing to remember however is the fact that no one really becomes a celebrity because of what his or her talents alone. They have to work with others in order to penetrate their respective industries and acquire the celebrity status.

Get a publicist. A publicist ensures that enough publicity is created around an entity. Good publicist will work with the media to make one a household name. As such, the publicist needs to have a good knowledge of public relations, celebrity marketing and the media

Celebrity 5 How to Become a Celebrity

Build an image. A smile works wonders with the general audience. A foul mood may appeal to a few people of the same character, but often times, it draws attention away from the person.

• Participate in charities and document the same for the sake of catching the public eye. Apart from just being in such charities, one should learn about the details surrounding the same in order to be able to comment on the same intelligently and confidently.

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