How to Become a Dietitian?

by Shenron on August 29, 2009

Becoming a dietitian requires one to master the art of food and nutrition. A dietitian designs relevant dietary programs with an aim pf providing nutrition to the people who eat the food. Dietitians also educate individuals or groups about healthy food choices. The skills possessed by dietitians are used in areas such as hospitals, day care centers, nursing homes ad hotels and restaurants.

Dietitian How to Become a Dietitian?

  • Attain the right knowledge and skills. The basic requirements for accreditation by the American Dietetic Association (ADA) include a bachelor’s degree or an ADA accredited Bachelor’s or Masters Program. Courses covered include nutrition, bacteriology, chemistry, microbiology and food management. Other courses include economics, physiology, home economics, management theory, business theory, sociology, data processing, economics and physiology. After completion, one can then attain a license or certificate of operation from the Commission on Dietetic Registration, which makes one a Registered Dietitian (RD).
  • Understand what a dietitian does. This will include researching and understanding the different areas that one can specialize in as a dietitian. They include becoming a clinical or management dietitian, a community dietitian, a research dietitian or a consulting dietitian. The different specialization areas require different levels of commitment and hence one has to research all the needful before making a choice on what to specialize in.

    Dietitian 5 How to Become a Dietitian?

  • Decide what environment one wants to work in. Although the salaries in different work environments may differ, the main motivation behind deciding where one wants to work should be for choosing a place where one is comfortable working in. Areas to choose from include food manufacturing industries, a home health agency, or private practice.
  • Establish a career as a nutritionist. All the knowledge acquired in school can easily go to waste if one does not find a career in the dietetic industry. One can chose to seek employment, work as a consultant or establish a private practice.

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