How to become a Game Tester?

by Shenron on July 21, 2009

With this time and day many people have turned to games to pass on time. There are very many games in this world and it all depends on ones liking. These games come with different gadgets that are compatible with. The various gadgets available they include, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Play station 3 (PS3) and Nintendo Wii. Each gadget comes with its own different genres of games. The genres include RTS, sports titles, FPS, action, MMPORGS, adventure just but to mention a few.

The game development process entails the testing of these video games. This is so vital because these games should have no problems when playing. Normally, there will be very few or no problems with the graphics, sound effects and the general structure of the entire game.

Game Tester How to become a Game Tester?

To become a good game tester you need the following,

  1. Good writing and communication skills. This will come in handy when you come across few hitches on the game application.
  2. Find the right contacts. The important aspect here is the network of people around the game tester. The more people around the game tester the better.
  3. Have a console or computer to play the game with. As indicated above many games can only play in their respective gadgets hence the need to have the right console for the particular game.
  4. Have a good eye for details. With most games it can get really messy if you overlook the small details hence the need to be more vigilant.
  5. One should have a very good game background to be a good tester. This is important because it gives the person most troubleshooting solutions.
  6. Also what is important is that game testers need to be flexible. This is good because one can always have different solutions for most problems that come with game testing.

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