How to Become a Gym Teacher?

by Shenron on July 23, 2009

Becoming a gym teacher requires a level of commitment and passion. Below are some of the points to consider if onewants to pursue this career.

Physical fitness: Gym teachers must be physically fit. They should work on acquiring a fit body through exercise as they have to teach through example. Gym comes with demonstrations and the teacher should be capable of performing all of them.

Gym Teacher How to Become a Gym Teacher?

Education and training: They must go to school first and attain a decent education that will guide them through their journey towards becoming gym teachers. A gym teacher must have a Bachelor’s degree in Education from a recognized university with a major in physical education. One should also be able to teach at least two other subjects. While at school, they should concentrate on physical education classes to give them a solid base. However, if you want to teach in a local gym and not a school, all you need is a two-year fitness associate degree. People should research for local colleges in the community that offer gym training.

Gym Teacher 5 How to Become a Gym Teacher?

Internship: The trainee gym teachers should seek internship from their local facilities that run as gyms and also volunteer in learning institutions to gain more experience. Here, they will be able to gain firsthand experience and exposure on what is required of them in the practice. This will also enable them get references that will come in handy in their quest for employment. If they are lucky they could end up getting jobs with the firms that have attached them.

Employment: After the training and internship as well as passing of the exam, the gym teachers can now go out there and get jobs. They can look for vacancies online or in the local dailies and applying in the gyms they know. The duty now is to get the jobs and keep growing on them through excellent output and advancing. It is a productive career as one can even set up their own gym.

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