How to Become a High-School Teacher

by Shenron on November 3, 2009

Considering there is a severe shortage of teachers these days, getting into the teaching field may not be such a bad idea. There are obviously many different kinds of teachers but because we’re coming out of a recession, there are many incentives to entice people to the once low-paying job of teacher. Things have changed and so has the salary, which makes the job of high-school teacher even more appealing. Even if you only have a slight interest in becoming a teacher, there isn’t much harm in trying it out for a couple of months, maybe even a semester, to see how you like it.

High School Teacher How to Become a High School Teacher

1. The first thing you’re going to need, in most cases, is a bachelor’s degree. Most of the time it doesn’t really matter what your degree is in because if you went to a state-run university, you were required to obtain a certain amount of general education credits. Assuming you fulfilled those requirements and received a degree, many states view you as qualified enough to teach a high-school class. If though, you have a degree in a specialized field that the high-school offers classes for, you stand a better chance at snagging a teaching job. For instance, if you get a degree in mathematics, becoming a math teacher is much easier.

2. Each state has different requirements (when are they ever the same?) for obtaining teaching certification. In general, the steps to becoming certified to teach in your state are as follows. First, you must completed a teaching preparation program, many of which can be completed online. Next, you have to pass a series of exams administered by the state to make sure you are competent in many general knowledge areas. And finally, you are required to complete a form along with proof of completion of the previous two steps to the state’s Board of Education. As was stated earlier, these steps vary from state to state and all of the information regarding your state’s requirements can be found on their respective Board of Education websites.

High School Teacher 5 How to Become a High School Teacher

3. The next part of the whole process could go one way or the other. You may immediately get approved to teach in your state but if you do not have any prior teaching experience you may be asked to teach a class in a public school while being observed by an accredited grader. Don’t fret this examination. It’s simply there to see how you interact with students and to see if you are competent enough with the material to meet the state’s education requirements.

4. Once you have your teaching certification, it’s time to find a job. If you’re looking to work in a public school and reap the benefits of public job, you can contact the school board and find out what positions are open. Or, you can contact a private school where in some cases you don’t even need a teaching certification to teach. The choice is yours. Now, go out there and mold some minds!

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