How to Become a Life Coach?

by Shenron on August 1, 2009

Life coaching is a business that demands total commitment and devotion. It involves talking to people, analyzing their issues and at last helping them solve their issues. Therefore, before one becomes a life coach, they should make a sincere decision within themselves.

For one to qualify as a life coach, he/she should:

Life Coach How to Become a Life Coach?

  1. Be ready to open up to other people, share their personal ideas with their respective clients.

  2. One will have to be trained and certified as professional life coach. If one has an inborn life coaching spirit within them, they should also consider the certification because majority of people will go for a professional life coach to help them solve their issues.
  3. For one to be a good life coach, they must enjoy what they are doing and do it with passion and professionalism.
  4. One has to do research and have up-to-date material on the life coaching business. As times evolve, people encounter different life issues that may require current tactics to be solved.
  5. One should interact with experienced life coaches to get their views about some of the life coaching issues and different ways to help tackle them.
  6. One should consider venturing in to detailed coaching fields e.g. health matters. This will help one handle some of the detailed issues some of the clients may have.
  7. One should be an easy learner and always open for new ideas about life coaching.
  8. One should also group his intended client base; this will help schedule different time allocations for tackling different issues.
  9. Being a life coach will also require that one feels and shares his/her clients feelings and thoughts. This gives comfort and hope to the client that regardless of how tough the situation might be; eventually there will be a way out.

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Julia Stewart August 4, 2009 at 9:41 pm

Great article. Coaching is not for everyone, but for those of us who feel called to it, it’s been life changing. Most coaches are more successful when they’ve had coach-specific training, but be sure to compare schools before you jump in. There are big differences.

There’s a free download-able ebook called, “Become a Coach” that has a questionaire to help you determine whether coaching is for you, gives tips on how to choose a school and compares several of the more reputable schools side by side here:


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