How to Become a Nanny

by Shenron on December 29, 2009

Nannies or child minders are people who look after other peoples children. The major difference between child minding and nannying is that nannies typically go to the house of the child in order to care of them while child minders will look after the child in their own home. Nannies may live in or out just like other house workers. Nannies can be classified into full time and part time nannies. Below are the steps to becoming a nanny:

1. It is of great importance to check your calendar before accepting the nannying job. Find out the time at which you’re meant to be babysitting and double check your calendar. Always ensure it fits your schedule.

Become Nanny How to Become a Nanny

2. Be sure to write down important numbers and addresses. Give the guardian your number and address. Also make sure to write down doctor’s numbers and allergies. And always make sure that they have safety kits, and it’s also good to have a safety kit in your own bag. It is important to take these numbers to assure your employers that you are serious.

3. Be sure to know who’s meant to pick up the children after school. It is always good to write down any and all instructions. It is better if the parents write them down in order to avoid making any mistakes.

4. Be sure to know where the toys and bottles are kept. Find out which of the home appliances you may or may not use e.g. kitchen, TV and computers as well as what is off-limits so you do not trespass. Find out if you should answer phone calls or let them go to the machine.

Become Nanny 5 How to Become a Nanny

5. Never let anyone know you are alone and never answer the door unless expecting someone. Use peep holes and get descriptions from the parents before they leave if they’re expecting anyone.

6. Finally, it is very important to keep the child entertained.

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