How to Become a Paramedic

by Shenron on September 14, 2009

Paramedics are people involved in provision of emergency medical care services in pre-hospital environments. The reason why paramedics are viewed with high regard is that they posses more skills as compared to medical technicians (EMTs) due to their higher exposure to training and experience as they carry out their duties. Paramedics may be involved in provision of routine care services, for instance stabilizing fractures. They may also be involved in life saving practices including performing CPR and administering medication. This requires a modicum of dedication as described in the following section.

Paramedic How to Become a Paramedic

• One has to acquire basic emergency medical service skills. This is because most paramedic schools demand that students be certified EMTs before enrolling for paramedic courses. EMT training can be done in any local community college.

• The next step is to enroll for an appropriate paramedic training program. Various programs last between eight months and two years, and the duration depends on the type of college. In order to get a list of the colleges offering paramedic courses, one should contact the local emergency office.

Paramedic1 How to Become a Paramedic

• While in training, trainees undergo tuition and practical lessons in intubations, CPR, EKGs and cardioversions. One should also take courses in physiology, anatomy and pharmacology.

• After good training, one should go for an internship in order to gain more hands-on skills. This entails going through a number of departments including the fire department and other emergency departments. It exposes one to dealing with cases of respiratory problems, heart attacks, and a variety of other injuries. This should be followed by obtaining additional skills in more advanced areas such as pediatric and cardiac life support.

• The final point is to sit a paramedic exam modulated by an approved body. The certification obtained allows one to apply for a job as a paramedic.

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