How to Become a PI?

by Shenron on August 25, 2009

A personal investigator is one whose responsibility is gathering private information for agencies, companies, banks and organizations. They may be self employed or an employee in a corporation.

To qualify as a PI -

  1. One should note that most of the PIs are people with law enforcement records therefore one should be ready to enroll for a PI related courses like, a degree in political science, business and criminal justice.

    Personal Investigator How to Become a PI?

  2. Being a PI is incorporated in the law enforcement sector therefore one should acquire the necessary law requirements including working licenses.
  3. One should have excellent writing skills. Being a PI requires one to present his/her results in written form and in efficiency.
  4. Due to the mobility of the PI business, it may be a requirement that one finds means to easily navigate from one place to another. A vehicle may be of great importance.
  5. A PI job will include a lot of research therefore; one must be familiar with the general research sources and be able to use the sources accordingly.
  6. The job may require some privacy hence one should limit on the type of people he/she is socializing with. Some information may be too sensitive and may be of great loss if shared with a third party.

Personal Investigator 5 How to Become a PI?

  1. If ones decides to open and operate their own PI firm, they should make sure that they give the best to their clients and work to meet the set targets, this will not only earn them money but it will also boost their reputation and increase the client base.
  2. On the other side, if one decides to work under a certain PI corporation, the should make sure that they abide to the set standards of the corporation and present their findings in a manner that will satisfy both their employer and the client.

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