How to Become a Policeman

by Shenron on January 13, 2010

To become policeman, one should have the set desire or passion for the job. Most policemen in the force had dreamt of joining the force since they were young. Desire of a certain job helps one to put all their efforts toward the desired goal.

The next step is to check if one is qualified to join the force.

Become Policeman How to Become a Policeman

To become a police officer, one needs to have had joined a high school and got a high school diploma, which is the basic level of education in most job qualifications. A fast track scheme has been developed by the force; people with university degrees spend two or three years before becoming sergeants. Recruitments are also done from the military or the security service. A clean sheet of conduct is also a basic requirement to become a police officer. Basic responsibilities of a police officer are to keep peace, protection of the public, enforce law and protection of the public property.

One should be fit: to become a police officer one’s body should have a well enabled body to handle situations such as running after law offenders, working at different and long hours, be exposed to different types of weather conditions. Fitness is a must when it comes to the police force. Police force is semi military so with basic training and fitness one can be easily promoted to higher ranks. Promotion comes with more salary, paperwork and responsibilities.

Become Policeman 5 How to Become a Policeman

Those applying to the force are supposed to be prepared to face danger almost on a daily basis, dangers such as infectious disease, injury, death and emotional disorder. These dangers can come in different situations such as police pursuit, apprehension, domestic disputes, and accident scenes, directing traffic and crimes scenes. Applicant should be aware of the possibility of facing death during the course of service. This is referred to as line of duty death. If one is ready for all this, they can go ahead and apply to join the police force and get ready for an intensive training both physical and mental. One should be ready to meet different type of people and be in different type of situations.

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