How to Become a Publicist

by Shenron on December 11, 2009

Publicists are people who offer public relations services to individuals or groups of people. Various players in the media industry such as authors, entertainers, musicians and artists need the services of publicists in order to make their services known to the public or to attract more attention. A number of steps need to be followed by an individual aspiring to become a publicist.

• The first step is to attend a college the offers writing and communication courses. It is easier to become a publicist if one has a degree in a relevant field. Additionally, one can choose to study a course related to communication such as journalism or English.

Publicist How to Become a Publicist

• While still in college, one can aspire to increase the publicity experience by doing a series of unpaid publishing jobs for local groups. For instance, the writing could be about an upcoming concert. The trainee may as well post fliers about shows taking place around campus.

• In order to gain more knowledge and practical skills while in campus, one can volunteer to be an intern with a known publishing company. This is important because many employers will look for people who have a considerable level of experience. And an internship offers the opportunity to gain the relevant skills. The host company should provide a recommendation letter depicting the skills gained during internship.

• One should prepare for a great publicity job by beginning even with lowly paying jobs. The experience gained at various levels is vital in landing a better job with a bigger company.

Publicist 5 How to Become a Publicist

• As the skills gained during training become relevant, it is important for one to keep in touch with newspaper staff and local reporters. These are the people to be called on behalf of clients.

• With time, it is important to create a websites that clients can visit. The use of digital media to reach clients can be very interesting and is effective in reaching a larger number of clients.

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