How to Become a Sniper

by Shenron on December 26, 2009

A sniper is a person who shoots targets with a special rifle from a far distance, mostly in a hidden place.

In order for one to qualify as a sniper, the following should be considered.

1. Vision. One must have an excellent eye vision to enable him/her see and identify the target at a far distance.

2. Smoking. This will reduce the chances of one being a good sniper. Smoking will bring along cough which can betray a sniper on a mission.

Sniper How to Become a Sniper

3. Physical fitness. One should be physically fit to enable him/her adapt to the changing environment that a sniper has to work from.

4. Intelligence. This is essential in the sense that a sniper has to think, see and respond accurately and in time.

5. Mental condition. One should be mentally stable to enable him/her comply with commands accurately and based on a sober mind judgment.

6. Emotional balance. One should be ready to execute the target calmly without anxiety.

If one wants to consider being a sniper as an option in life, they will have to;

1. Consider joining the army, police, navy, air force or any other unit that is security oriented.

2. Once in one of the units, one should maintain an excellent performance record and be the best in whatever duty he/she is assigned.

Sniper 5 How to Become a Sniper

3. After being in the unit for some regulated period of time, they should be able to apply for an opportunity in the sniper training schools.

4. In the schools, which usually have several training levels, one has to be taught all the basic tactics and show reliable efforts that one can really be considered as a sniper.

5. If one completes the sniper training school and he/she is approved to be the best, then chances are that they will be considered as qualified snipers and get employed in the special sniper units.

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